Media Coverage featuring EIE, 2016

December 7, 2016 Momzette: Vast Online Dangers Threaten Curious Kids

Cyber bullying is one of the top threats facing American children today — that’s no exaggeration. By comparison, schoolyard bullying seems incredibly tame. But when a child is bullied online, all of the damaging words, images, and video of the bullying and the humiliation can be replayed over and over again — and turn up in multiple places ...MORE..

December 5, 2016 ConnectSafely: Larry Magid speaks with Donna Rice Hughes

As part of their podcast from Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) Conference, Larry Magid speaks with Donna Rice Hughes about porn on public Wi-Fi, fake news and the incoming administration. Hear and read the Full Story ...MORE..

November 14, 2016 VICE: The Coming War Over Watching Porn in Fast-Food Restaurants

Back in August, when presidential candidate Donald Trump took a pledge to help clamp down on pornography, smut lovers across the land laughed it off. But now that he is headed for the White House, it makes you wonder if folks should start stockpiling stag mags the way gun lovers hoarded rifles before Obama came into office... ...The movement to ...MORE..

November 8, 2016 USA Today: Obama is right- Social media deepens political division

SAN FRANCISCO — The most acrimonious election in memory mercifully ends tonight. Nasty late-night tweets. Fake news stories circulated on Facebook. Contentious comments from each side cluttering social media. It's enough vitriol to depress a nation and prompt its leader, President Obama,  to say he didn't realize social media would deepen pol ...MORE..

October 21, 2016 CQ Researcher: Pornography -- Does it pose a public health crisis?

Pornography websites attract millions of users each month, reportedly more than either CNN, Amazon or Twitter. A recent phenomenon, “tube” sites, is competing with the traditional porn industry by providing large amounts of free pornographic content from amateur or pirated videos. Because the sites are easy to access through computers or cell ...MORE..

October 13, 2016 Christian Examiner: 'Disney porn' allowed while Mickey goes after family-friendly VidAngel

WASHINGTON (Christian Examiner) – A prominent pro-family leader says Disney has a double standard on copyright issues and has virtually allowed porn websites that use its cartoon characters to remain on the Internet. Donna Rice Hughes, president and CEO of Enough Is Enough®, says she has tried unsuccessfully for more than a decade to get Disney ...MORE..

October 10, 2016 The Salt Lake Tribune Op-Ed: Utah students need real sex ed and 'Fight the New Drug'

The importance of supporting youth as they navigate an increasingly sexualized world is something virtually everyone can agree upon. How to best accomplish this in homes, schools and communities — with many different complementary approaches available — is a conversation bound to involve some meaningful differences in perspective. In an op-e ...MORE..

October 6, 2016 Washington Examiner Op-Ed: Disney's Full Frontal Hypocrisy

As a stepmother, grandmother of three and the leader of Enough Is Enough®, I've been up close and personal in confronting online pornography, child pornography, child stalking and sexual predation since 1994. Enough Is Enough® is an organization fighting to make the Internet safer for children and families. This quest has taken me everywhere: from ...MORE..

September 28, 2016 The Hill: Trump and Clinton voice bipartisan support to protect children online

Back to school season this year notably also marks the 25th anniversary of the internet. And though the internet is widely used and enjoyed as a culturally transformative technology, it can also be misused for unspeakable evil and devastating harm to children. In the years since sexual predators and the truly depraved began posting black market i ...MORE..

September 27, 2016 CNSNews: Donna Rice-Hughes on Latest Weiner Scandal: A 'Teachable Moment' About The 'Dangers of Sexting'

The Daily Mail and the New York Post reported last week that Weiner allegedly had started sexting with a 15-year-old high school girl earlier this year. Donna Rice-Hughes, president and CEO of Enough is Enough, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet safer for children and families, criticized former New York Congressman and m ...MORE..

September 23, 2016 WND: Women commit suicide over horrific 'cyber rape' trend

'Think before you post. Think before you share. Nothing is truly private' It’s 2016: The Internet is king, and sexting and pornography have become a global obsession – but, in some cases, the fascination is actually killing young women. On Sept. 15, the world was stunned when a toxic mix of “revenge porn” and cyber bullying tragicall ...MORE..

September 23, 2016 Augusta Free Press: Sexting headlines emphasize need for vigilance

'Sexual exploitation is a real and pose danger. No child is immune.' Reports indicate Anthony Weiner has been knowingly sexting with a minor, a 15-year-old high school girl. While sexting may unfortunately be the new normal for youth and adults alike, adults sexting with minor children is a crime.  Weiner’s compulsive sexting behavior has alre ...MORE..

September 20, 2016 Washington Examiner: Hollywood attacks parental movie filtering OK'd by Congress

An entertainment company that is acting on a 2005 federal law to let parents filter sex, violence and profanity from movies is under attack in Hollywood, drawing return fire from at least 16 family groups who are threatening to urge a boycott by the 52 million "values audience." VidAngel, whose motto is "watch movies however the bleep you want," ...MORE..

September 19, 2016 WND: Obama AWOL on child porn, sex trafficking, bestiality

Only 1 presidential candidate commits to ending sexploitation of women, youth A leading advocate for protecting children from obscene Internet content says President Obama has been absent in the fight, and she is now urging Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to play a leading role in the fight against child exploitation, child pornography and other ...MORE..

September 15, 2016 WND: Myra Adams talks to activist who roared back from scandal via 'God's faithfulness'

VIP Q&A with Donna Rice Hughes: Internet-safety warrior The summer of 2016 brought EIE three headline-making victories. First, after waging an aggressive two-year public advocacy campaign urging McDonald’s and Starbucks to lead corporate America by blocking porn on public Wi-Fi at their restaurants, both corporations agreed to add anti-porn fi ...MORE..

September 7, 2016 The Christian Post: Sexting Has Become 'Rite of Passage' for Teens, Internet Safety Activist Warns Parents

A leading internet safety advocate is warning parents about the dangers of sexting, saying that it has become a "rite of passage" among teens. "Internet pornography has become the wallpaper of our children's lives from a very early age," said Donna Rice Hughes in an interview with The Christian Post on Tuesday. "Here is the reality: Parents ar ...MORE..

September 1, 2016 National Catholic Register: The Politics of Pornography

Elizabeth Smart has become a public face for a new strategy to frame hard-core porn as a public-health issue, and it has also become a topic of discussion in the presidential election campaign. Pornography may have crossed over into mainstream pop culture more than a generation ago and is considered by many today to be a harmless indulgence, but ...MORE..

August 25, 2016 ABC News: Why You Should Think Twice Before Posting Back-to-School Photos

As children head back to school, the temptation to share your excitement with a first day photo on social media is understandable. But Donna Rice Hughes, the president & CEO of Enough Is Enough®, a non-profit organization that seeks to maximize internet safety for children and families, is urging parents to think carefully about the information t ...MORE..

August 7, 2016 The Blaze: Presidential Candidates Asked to Sign Pledge to Protect Children From Sexual Exploitation — Here’s How They Responded

Three presidential candidates have been asked to sign a pledge that promises to crack down on existing anti-obscenity laws, but only one nominee responded. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump returned the signed pledge to the nonpartisan organization Enough Is Enough® prior to his party’s national convention last month, the group’s f ...MORE..

August 7, 2016 Western Journalism: Of The Three Candidates, Only Trump Pledged To Keep Internet Safe For Kids

"... check our differences at the door for the sake of the children." Recently, all three presidential candidates were asked to pledge to enforce Internet obscenity laws — known as “The Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge.” But only Donald Trump did so, according to TheBlaze. Donna Rice Hughes, CEO of the non-partisan group ...MORE..

August 3, 2016 The National Review: Trump Is Right to Sign Pledge Protecting Children from Pornography

Donald Trump recently signed the Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge, promising to “uphold the rule of law by aggressively enforcing existing federal laws to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online.” Hillary Clinton refused to sign — citing a policy against signing any pledges — but said she agrees with its goals. ...MORE..

August 2, 2016 LifeSite: Donald Trump signs first-ever presidential anti-porn pledge

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 1, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Donald Trump has become the first presidential candidate to sign an anti-pornography pledge, promising to crack down on obscenity after an eight-year-long hiatus at the federal level. Although he signed the pledge on July 16, the release is just making the news today, after the Republican and D ...MORE..

August 2, 2016 MOMZette: Trump Signs Anti-Porn Pledge, Clinton Refuses

The commonsense measure is about protecting America's kids One presidential candidate has promised to enforce current obscenity laws to stop hard-core pornography videos on the internet from getting in front of our children. The other presidential candidate is unwilling to make the same promise. GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has signed ...MORE..

August 2, 2016 The Slot: Donald Trump Seems to Have Signed an Anti-Porn Pledge

On Monday, advocacy group Enough Is Enough® announced via press release that Donald Trump, serial woman-cherisher, had signed an anti-porn pledge, vowing to "prevent the sexual exploitation of children online," and to "make the internet safer for all." That really is something. "Mr. Trump's leadership and commitment to uphold the rule of law is d ...MORE..

August 2, 2016 Daily Caller News Foundation: Clinton Rejects Call To Prevent Child Porn

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton refused to sign a pledge Monday that would protect children from exploitation by the porn industry. "In past Administrations, the Internet obscenity laws have not been aggressively or adequately enforced. The invasion of graphic online worldwide is 'the largest unregulated social experiment in human history,'" ...MORE..

August 2, 2016 The Daily Dot: Donald Trump signs pledge to back anti-porn laws if elected president

Donald Trump has pledged to do everything in his power to limit access to internet pornography if elected president. The bipartisan nonprofit Enough Is Enough® announced on Monday that the Republican presidential nominee has signed its Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge, which outlines five broad anti-porn efforts Trump has effectivel ...MORE..

August 2, 2016 PC World: Donald Trump signs pledge to crack down on Internet porn

Clinton's campaign reportedly says that it supports the pledge's goals. Donald Trump has pledged to crack down on Internet pornography via corporate partnerships and possibly establishing a federal commission on the harmful effects of pornography, a nonprofit said Monday. While it appears to be coincidental, Trump's pledge comes a day after ...MORE..

August 2, 2016 ChurchMilitant: Trump Signs Anti-Porn Pledge

DETROIT ( - Donald Trump is pledging to enforce U.S. obscenity laws protecting children from hardcore online pornography. On Monday, Trump signed "The Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge" written by the organization Enough is Enough (EIE). If he's elected president of the United States, he promises to enforce obscen ...MORE..

August 1, 2016 US News & World Report: Trump Gets Hard Time From Pornographers Over Anti-Obscenity Pledge

Porn titans call Trump the 'ultimate misogynist,' say he should delete his Twitter account if he's so concerned about decency. Donald Trump has signed a pledge to crack down on pornography if he's elected president, according to a group that campaigns for the enforcement of federal laws that arguably criminalize distributing images of sexual act ...MORE..

August 1, 2016 Houston Chronicle: Donald Trump says he will crack down on internet porn while in office

The presidential nominee signed a pledge in July stating he would do so Earlier this summer, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump signed a pledge that he would fight internet porn and work to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online if elected president. The pledge he signed was authored by Enough is Enough, a bipartisan group ...MORE..

August 1, 2016 Washington Examiner: Trump signs first ever Internet anti-porn pledge, Clinton refuses

Donald Trump has signed the first-ever internet anti-porn presidential pledge, promising to enforce long-ignored obscenity laws to stop the explosion of hard core sex videos that studies show are rewiring teen brains and feeding violence against children. The Republican presidential candidate signed the pledge from the internet safety group Enou ...MORE..

July 31, 2016 Catholic Register: Some fast-food chains now blocking customers' internet access to porn

WASHINGTON – When the U.S. bishops urged a national policy of net neutrality, they wanted to make sure that internet access was made equally available to all people. A federal appeals court upheld that principle earlier this year, agreeing with the Federal Communications Commission's argument was that internet access was a utility and should b ...MORE..

July 25, 2016 McDonald’s And Starbucks In The USA To Block Pornography On Their Free WiFi

Watching pornography using the free WiFi at Starbucks and McDonald’s outlets across the US will no longer be an option thanks to the new filters the fast food giants have and will install. These steps were taken to keep up the chains’ ‘family friendly’ image as a response to a campaign by Enough is Enough. Enough is Enough is a non-profi ...MORE..

July 21, 2016 The Atlantic: Hotels- Pretty Okay With Their Customers' Porn-Watching Habits

As more businesses block access to certain internet content on personal devices, the hospitality industry is finding it lucrative not to. Earlier this week, McDonald’s and Starbucks became the two latest high-profile companies to pledge to block customers from accessing pornography over store-provided wifi networks. The development was the most ...MORE..

July 20, 2016 CNS NEWS: Porn-Free Zone- McDonald's Adopts 'Friendly Wi-Fi' to Protect Patrons from Smut

McDonald's has recently started filtering the free Wi-Fi the company provides at most of its U.S. locations to protect patrons from pornography, sexual predation and cyberbullying. "McDonald's is committed to providing a safe environment for our customers, and we are pleased to share that Wi-Fi filtering has been activated in the majority of McD ...MORE..

July 19, 2016 Slate: Starbucks Is Banning Porn From Its Free Wi-Fi

Customers will soon no longer be able to watch porn at Starbucks. The coffee giant will soon block explicit websites, CNN reports. “Once we determine that our customers can access our free Wi-Fi in a way that also doesn’t involuntarily block unintended content, we will implement this in our stores,” a Starbucks spokesperson told CNN on Fri ...MORE..

July 18, 2016 The Christian Post: Starbucks, McDonald's Block Customers' Access to Porn on Wi-Fi Networks to Protect Children

After a serious push from anti-pornography groups, coffeehouse chain Starbucks and fast food giant McDonald's have agreed to block porn from their Wi-Fi networks. Enough Is Enough®, a national bi-partisan nonprofit organization that has led the fight to make the internet safer for children and families since 1994, revealed in a statement last Wed ...MORE..

July 18, 2016 Chicago Tribune: McDonald's, Starbucks agree to filter Wi-Fi porn

McDonald's and Starbucks are implementing filtering technology that blocks customers using Wi-Fi from accessing pornography sites. The move follows a campaign from anti-pornography groups Enough is Enough and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to demand the chains filter out pornography. Oak Brook-based McDonald's says in a statement t ...MORE..

July 18, 2016 Consumer Affairs: Retailers with wi-fi hotspots find they need to block porn

McDonalds acts, Starbucks considers it You wouldn't think someone would go to a restaurant or coffee shop and use the free wi-fi access to watch porn, but apparently it's a thing. Last week McDonald's said it had installed filters on public wi-fi at its restaurants to prevent customers from accessing porn sites. Now Starbucks says it is explo ...MORE..

July 17, 2016 Inquisitr: McDonald’s And Starbucks Are Taking A Stand For Internet Safety

Apparently, McDonald’s patrons have been taking advantage of McDonald’s free WiFi service to surf porn sites while dining at the restaurant. According to Fortune, McDonald’s recently changed its free WiFi access to prevent customers from watching pornography on their smartphones and other electronic devices, following years of pressure fro ...MORE..

July 16, 2016 Washington Times: Starbucks to begin porn-blocking on its free Wi-Fi

Starbucks said Friday that the coffee chain’s complimentary Wi-Fi will soon block X-rated websites, heeding the call of anti-porn activists who recently found similar success after urging McDonald's to do the same. “Once we determine that our customers can access our free Wi-Fi in a way that also doesn’t involuntarily block unintended cont ...MORE..

July 16, 2016 Starbucks to begin porn-blocking on its free Wi-Fi

Starbucks said Friday that the coffee chain’s complimentary Wi-Fi will soon block X-rated websites, heeding the call of anti-porn activists who recently found similar success after urging McDonald’s to do the same. “Once we determine that our customers can access our free Wi-Fi in a way that also doesn’t involuntarily block unintended co ...MORE..

July 16, 2016 The Verge: McDonald's is now filtering out porn from its public Wi-Fi networks

You can still get a Happy Meal for kids at McDonald's, but it'll be trickier to have an adult "happy time" — the restaurant chain is now blocking pornographic content on its public Wi-Fi services. "McDonald's is committed to providing a safe environment for our customers," a spokesperson said, confirming that the chain was now using Wi-Fi filter ...MORE..

July 15, 2016 CNN Money: Starbucks and McDonald's move to block porn from their Wi-Fi networks

Anti-pornography groups have succeeded in their efforts to get Starbucks and McDonald's to block porn on the chains' Wi-Fi networks. Earlier this year McDonald's (MCD) responded by putting filters in place at most of its U.S. restaurants, a change that was disclosed this week. The company had already had the filtering in place at its U.K. restau ...MORE..

July 15, 2016 Trusted Reviews: McDonald's Wi-Fi filters porn, so you’ll need to go to Starbucks instead

Customers using McDonald’s Wi-Fi in the United States probably aren’t doing so to research the nutritional information of the fast-food they’re shovelling down. However, it turns out quite a few of them were making use of the anonymity to get their fix of pornography… until recently. McDonald's has now deployed filters that prevent gre ...MORE..

July 15, 2016 Fortune: McDonald's Just Made Surfing for Porn Harder.

An internet safety group had been clamoring for change for years If you want to watch porn while enjoying a Big Mac, you now have to use your own data plan. McDonald’s recently changed its free WiFi access to prevent customers from watching pornography on their smartphones and other devices, following years of pressure from internet safety a ...MORE..

July 15, 2016 THE SUN (UK): McDonald’s is now banning customers from watching PORN in its restaurants

McDonald’s now joins Subway as chains that block customers from using free Wi-Fi to view adult content MACCIES has stopped allowing customers to use their restaurants’ free Wi-Fi to view porn. The world’s largest fast food joint has made the move after an internet safety advocacy group pressured it for two years to block the X-rated stu ...MORE..

July 14, 2016 New York Post: Sorry, but you can’t watch porn at McDonald’s anymore

McDonald’s has stopped allowing customers to use their restaurants’ free Wi-Fi to view porn. The world’s largest restaurant company made the move after an internet safety advocacy group pressured it for two years to block the X-rated stuff. McDonald’s now joins Panera Bread, Subway and Chick-fil-A as chains that block customers from us ...MORE..

July 14, 2016 WND: GOP platform blisters porn as public health crisis

The 2016 Republican draft platform contains a blistering denunciation of pornography as a grave threat to public health and a “menace.” The amendment introduced by North Carolina delegate Mary Frances Forrester, which was adopted unanimously, promptly unleashed a wave of criticism from left wing commentators eager to poke fun at the Republic ...MORE..

July 14, 2016 247 Wall Street: McDonald’s Blocks Porn Viewing at Its Restaurants

Presumably free public internet access is just that. Sign into Wi-Fi, surf as you would like. McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) has put an important limitation on that freedom. People who use its free Wi-Fi will no longer be able to use it to watch pornography. Enough Is Enough® (EIE), an internet safety nonprofit, announced a program that in part a ...MORE..

July 14, 2016 Grub Street: McDonald’s Is Tired of Everybody Watching Porn on Its Free Wi-Fi

Surely many people agree that nothing goes with a Big Mac like some grade-A internet porn. McDonald’s, however, is not cool with this happening on its free Wi-Fi. As a result, customers hoping to watch any on their laptops inside stores will now find that they’ve been thwarted by a filter. The move comes two years after an advocacy group first ...MORE..

July 14, 2016 Gizmodo: McDonald's No Longer Offering Free Porn

Bad news perverts: McDonald’s free public wi-fi will begin using filters to keep customers from watching porn in its restaurants. The filtering will eventually affect all corporate-owned locations. McDonald’s says the new policy is aimed at creating “a safe environment.” After two years of pressure, the world’s biggest burger chain fin ...MORE..

July 14, 2016 Venture Beat: McDonald’s now blocks porn on its public Wi-Fi in the U.S., Starbucks urged to follow suit

McDonald’s restaurants have long served as popular hubs for pigging out on greasy food, gulping down gallons of soda, and… watching porn? Hmm, that’s a new one. Internet safety evangelist group Enough Is Enough® (EiE) has lobbied politicians and corporations for years with the intent of “making the internet safer for children and families ...MORE..

July 14, 2016 Minority News: I'm Lovin' It: Mcdonald's Makes Protecting Children and Families from Internet Pornography and Child Pornography Top Priority- Enough Is Enough® Praises Worldwide Chain for Internet Safety Leadership

WASHINGTON, July 13, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Enough Is Enough® (EIE), the nation's pioneering Internet safety organization today praised the McDonald's corporation® for their decision to filter public Wi-Fi from pornography and child pornography. EIE launched its "National Porn Free Wi-Fi" campaign  in the fall of 2014, with nearly 50, ...MORE..

July 14, 2016 Yahoo Finance: McDonald's has put an end to an unexpected consequence of offering free Wi-Fi

Customers can no longer watch porn at McDonald's. The fast-food chain began implementing a filtered Wi-Fi policy in corporate-owned locations earlier this year, according to Enough Is Enough®, an internet-safety organization. Now the organization reports that the majority of McDonald's restaurants now offer filtered Wi-Fi access. "Parents can ...MORE..

July 13, 2016 Fox News: Bravo, McDonald's, for protecting children and families from Internet porn

One of America’s most profitable companies and most beloved brands, McDonald’s, has shown that corporations can behave responsibly for the safety of all of its customers.  Recently, the company decided it would filter its public Wi-Fi to block both pornography and child pornography (child abuse images) from being viewed in its restaurants. ...MORE..

July 13, 2016 Washington Examiner: McDonald's says No more porn with Happy Meals as it filters WiFi

McDonald's has decided to block porn from restaurant WiFi, joining other national chains like Chick-fil-A and Panera Bread to provide more family-friendly web browsing with Happy Meals. "McDonald's is committed to providing a safe environment for our customers, and we are pleased to share that WiFi filtering has been activated in the majority of ...MORE..

July 13, 2016 Yahoo News: I'm Lovin' It: Mcdonald's Makes Protecting Children and Families from Internet Pornography and Child Pornography Top Priority

WASHINGTON, July 13, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Enough Is Enough® (EIE), the nation's pioneering Internet safety organization today praised the McDonald's corporation® for their decision to filter public Wi-Fi from pornography and child pornography. EIE launched its "National Porn Free Wi-Fi" campaign  in the fall of 2014, with nearly 50, ...MORE..

June 3, 2016 TRIBLIVE: 2 Allegheny County men charged with child porn after Twitter and Dropbox alert police

A social media website and file-storage service outed two Allegheny County men suspected of possessing and sharing child pornography, police said Wednesday. The men are part of a trend — predators utilizing and being caught by technology, said Donna Rice Hughes, president and chief executive officer of Enough is Enough, a nonprofit aimed at maki ...MORE..

April 20, 2016 Utah Becomes First State to Call Porn a ‘Public Health Crisis’

On Tuesday, Utah became the first state in the country to designate pornography a “public health” issue. The non-binding resolution will change no laws but, according to advocates, will begin a conversation about the harms porn causes among its users, most especially children who find porn easily on their hand-held devices. Utah’s Gover ...MORE..

April 13, 2016 "Wi-Fi Now 2016" draws competing program

“Wired Health Now 2016” Battles “Wi-Fi Now 2016” Advocates for healthy practices for cellphones, computers and other devices have organized “Wired Health Now 2016” April 19-21 to offset “Wi-Fi Now 2016” in Tysons Corner, Va., on the same dates. “Wired Health” will be a cyber conference with dozens of participants not only fr ...MORE..

April 7, 2016 Donna Rice Hughes noted for Pornography Fight on

Mike McManus of Marriagesavers  writes about how young men are fighting Pornography, and notes Donna Rice Hughes' efforts to get Presidential candidates to take a stand on the issue. Read the article here: ...MORE..

March 23, 2016 Utah could be first of many states to declare porn a health crisis

A resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis landed on Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s desk last week after unanimously passing the state House and Senate. The pornography industry “is able to succeed on the myth that pornography is just harmless fun,” said Donna Rice Hughes, president and CEO of internet safety group Enough is Enoug ...MORE..

March 8, 2016 The Daily Star: Does porn cause sexual violence?

 Pornography is perhaps the best kept open secret in almost all modern societies where there may be laws that prohibit its production, use and sale, but in reality it is the most accessible form of sexual gratification. The internet and mobile phone have formed the perfect accomplices to perpetuate this phenomenon that degrades and dehumanises wo ...MORE..