Media Coverage featuring EIE, 2018

December 14, 2018 Washington Examiner: Porn industry girds for Trump crackdown on filth

Pornographers are bracing for the first major obscenity clampdown in three decades under President Trump’s new pick for attorney general, William Barr, a strident social conservative whose views threaten the lucrative industry. Anti-porn campaigners were thrilled with Trump's selection of Barr, previously attorney general under President Georg ...MORE..

December 11, 2018 Washington Times Herald: Group calls on Notre Dame to listen to its students

GREAT FALLS, Va. — Enough Is Enough® (EIE) is calling on the University of Notre Dame to heed the call of students demanding the University filter its public WiFi from pornographic content. In October 2018, EIE began communications with Notre Dame student Jim Martinson who spearheaded a campus-wide petition, along with 80 other male students, to ...MORE..

December 10, 2018 World: Starbucks finally bans porn

Starbucks announced last week it will start blocking porn sites on its in-store Wi-Fi service in 2019. The move comes after years of pressure on the coffee giant to set up filters to block explicit content. Internet safety group Enough Is Enough® (EIE) launched a porn-free campaign aimed at McDonald’s and Starbucks in 2014. The group argued unf ...MORE..

December 6, 2018 CNS: Refuses to Take Down Anal Sex 'How-To' Guide Targeting Teens is refusing to pull a graphic article explaining and promoting anal sex to teenagers, despite widespread outrage from parents. The article, “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know; How to do it the RIGHT way,” was originally published in July 2017, but was updated in May 2018. Its author, Gigi Engle, writes, “Here is the lowdown on ...MORE..

November 30, 2018 Starbucks to Block Porn in 14,000-Plus U.S. Stores

( -- The multi-national coffee chain Starbucks, which has 28,916 shops worldwide and 14,451 in the United States, said it would provide pornography-free Wi-Fi in its U.S. stores starting in 2019. This is happening because of pressure, over many years, from a coalition led by the internet safety group Enough is Enough (EIE).... Rea ...MORE..

November 29, 2018 Starbucks will soon start blocking porn on its public WiFi

Bad news for creeps: Starbucks has announced that it will soon block access to porn websites via the company’s WiFi network. So pervs have only until the end of 2018 to get their jollies in public while sipping on a grande juniper latte. In January, Starbucks will introduce a content blocker that bans access to pornographic sites while using i ...MORE..

November 29, 2018 CNet: Starbucks to stop customers from watching porn in stores

The ban will reportedly begin in 2019, following pressure from internet-safety activists. Starbucks will reportedly crush customers' porn viewing habits in 2019. The coffee giant will introduce a tool that'll stop people from viewing explicit material on its Wi-Fi networks next year, Business Insider reported Tuesday. Watching porn is already ...MORE..

November 29, 2018 NBC News: Starbucks says it will start blocking pornography on its stores' Wi-Fi in 2019

The announcement comes after a new petition by internet safety advocacy group Enough is Enough garnered more than 26,000 signatures. Starbucks will start blocking pornography viewing on its stores' Wi-Fi starting in 2019, the company announced amid renewed public pressure on the coffee giant by an internet-safety group. A Starbucks representati ...MORE..

November 29, 2018 Fortune: Starbucks Will Block Pornography on Its Store Wi-Fi Starting in 2019

File this one under things you probably thought already happened: Starbucks says that it will start blocking pornography on its store’s WiFi starting next year. Viewing porn in a Starbucks store over its free public Wi-Fi network was already a violation of the company’s internet policy; however, it apparently was unable to stop guests from u ...MORE..

November 29, 2018 SFGate: Starbucks says it is finally going to block customers from watching porn in stores after years of pressure

After years of pressure, Starbucks says it has found a way to prevent customers from watching porn in its stores. Next year, the coffee giant plans to introduce a new tool meant to prevent customers from viewing pornography or other explicit content in stores. While watching pornography is banned at Starbucks locations, the chain does not have c ...MORE..

November 29, 2018 The Hill: Starbucks to start blocking pornography on its Wi-Fi in 2019

Starting in 2019, customers at Starbucks will no longer be able to view pornography using the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi network, the company announced this week. A spokesperson for the company told NBC News on Thursday that the viewing of "egregious content" has always violated the java giant’s policy. But now, after years of pressure, the compa ...MORE..

November 28, 2018 The Verge: Starbucks says it'll block porn on its public Wi-Fi next year

Following in the footsteps of McDonald's For years, Starbucks has caught flak for not preventing its customers from watching porn on its in-store Wi-Fi. Now the coffee retailer says that next year it will introduce a filter that prevents customers from viewing porn and other explicit material in stores, as first reported by Business Insider.... ...MORE..

November 28, 2018 Business Insider: Starbucks says it is finally going to block customers from watching porn in stores after years of pressure

Starbucks is rolling out a new tool meant to stop customers from watching pornography and viewing other explicit content in stores in 2019, the company told Business Insider. The coffee giant has been under pressure to block pornography for years, as chains including McDonald's and Chick-fil-A have set up content filters on public Wi-Fi. The in ...MORE..

November 28, 2018 PJMEDIA: 23K Sign Petition Demanding Starbucks Keep Promise to Remove Porn From Wi-Fi

In 2014, the Internet safety group Enough Is Enough® (EIE) led a coalition of 75 organizations and nearly 50,000 petitioners in calling on Starbucks and other companies to prevent access to pornography on their complementary Wi-Fi service. In 2016, Starbucks promised to consider such an action, but has not yet fulfilled that pledge. "By breaking ...MORE..

November 12, 2018 How the GOP Gave Up on Porn

Once, the fight against pornography was the beating heart of the American culture war. Now porn is a ballooning industry — and maybe a harmful one —with no real opponents. What happened? With the internet offering an ever-expanding breadth of content, and smartphones and laptops replacing squalid movie houses and black-curtained storefronts, ...MORE..

September 21, 2018 CBN: #ChurchToo -- Evangelical Leaders' Warning About the Widespread Problem of Sex Abuse

Two Catholics filed a class-action lawsuit this week against eight dioceses in Pennsylvania.  The suit, filed by abuse victim Ryan O'Connor and church member Kristin Hancock, demands the names of priests accused of abuse and the release of internal documents.  It's just another example of how the fallout from a grand jury investigation of se ...MORE..

April 12, 2018
Christian Post: Trump Signs Bill Fighting Sex Trafficking Into Law: 'This is a Very Important Day'

President Donald Trump has signed into law a bill with strong bipartisan support that expands the fight against human sex trafficking. Known as the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, or H.R. 1865, President Trump signed the bill on Wednesday morning, with survivors of sex trafficking among those in attendance. "This is a very important day," st ...MORE..

April 10, 2018 Baptist Press: Feds shut down over sex ads

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Opponents of human trafficking have applauded the federal government's shutdown of, reportedly the leading online facilitator of the sex trade. An April 6 message at announced the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other government entities had seized the website and its affiliates "as part of ...MORE..

March 23, 2018 Christian Post: Anti-Sex Trafficking Orgs Hail Congress for Passing Bill Stopping Tech Giants From Enabling Traffickers

Internet safety activists and anti-sex trafficking advocates are jubilant over the Senate's passage of the FOSTA SESTA bill, calling it a "David and Goliath victory" against tech companies and traffickers. The upper chamber overwhelmingly passed H.R. 1865 which is sometimes called FOSTA-SESTA — Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act-Stop Enabling Se ...MORE..

March 23, 2018 WND: Craigslist kills 'personals' over online sex trafficking

Responding to a bill passed by Congress, Craigslist has killed its personal ad categories, including "strictly platonic," "women seek women," "women seeking men," "men seeking women," "men seeking men," misc romance" and "casual encounters." While the categories still appeared on the organization's website Friday, they linked to the following me ...MORE..

March 23, 2018 Baptist Press: Congress passes online, anti-trafficking bill

Congress has given overwhelming approval to legislation designed to thwart sex trafficking by holding accountable online sites that facilitate the crime. The Senate adopted the bill in a 97-2 vote March 21, barely three weeks after the House of Representatives had passed it Feb. 27 in a 388-25 roll call. The bill will go to President Trump, who ...MORE..

March 22, 2018 SENATE CRACKS DOWN ON ONLINE BROTHELS: White House calls it step 'to end modern slavery in all of its forms'

The U.S. Senate, following House action just weeks ago, Wednesday adopted H.R. 1865, which supporters say will fight online "brothels" that sell sex. A statement from the White House said it is a step "to end modern slavery in all of its forms."... Donna Rice Hughes, president and CEO of the activist organization Enough is Enough, said the 97-2 ...MORE..

March 13, 2018 CBN: Children as Sex Objects: Why NYC Gay Pride Parade Is Being Called a 'Celebration of Pedophilia'

The annual New York City gay pride parade is known for its eccentric themes and over the top, sexually charged floats but this year's headliner has left many in the gay community shaking their heads. The organizers have employed a 10-year-old child as the 'face' of this year's festivities.... Child advocates like Donna Rice Hughes tell CBN New ...MORE..


Victims of sex trafficking today are “one significant step closer” to unleashing their advocates and lawyers against websites that “knowingly exploit women and children for financial gain by serving as a brothel for online advertisements for traffickers and pimps.” And Donna Rice Hughes, president and CEO of the activist organization Eno ...MORE..

February 28, 2018 Congress Finally Targeting 'Outrageous' Profits from Online Sexploitation

It's been a wide-open secret for years:  pimps and traffickers using websites like BackPage to advertise women and children for sale. Law enforcement has turned to these sites to find criminals and victims but the prosecution of the internet companies has been largely out of the question. The problem? A provision in the Communications Decency A ...MORE..

February 28, 2018 Lisah C. Nease: House votes to crack down on online ‘brothel’

Victims of sex trafficking today are “one significant step closer” to being able to unleash their advocates and lawyers on websites that “knowingly exploit women and children for financial gain by serving as a brothel for online advertisements for traffickers and pimps.” And Donna Rice Hughes, chief of the activist organization Enough is ...MORE..