November 29, 2018

Starbucks will soon start blocking porn on its public WiFi

Bad news for creeps: Starbucks has announced that it will soon block access to porn websites via the company’s WiFi network. So pervs have only until the end of 2018 to get their jollies in public while sipping on a grande juniper latte.

In January, Starbucks will introduce a content blocker that bans access to pornographic sites while using its free in-store WiFi. Viewing porn at Starbucks has long been banned, but there was no mechanism in place to prevent customers from doing so.

Business Insider reports that the company has instituted the filter after pressure from an outside group that advocated for a porn site ban for years. Enough is Enough, a nonprofit dedicated to Internet safety for children, launched a petition encouraging Starbucks to ban porn. It received more than 26,000 signatures.

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