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September 9, 2022 Victory! Instagram Removes Pornhub Account

Dear Friend, BIG NEWS! This week, Instagram removed the official account of Pornhub! This is a huge VICTORY in the fight to dismantle the multi-billion-dollar pornography industry which profits from the exploitation of human beings! Pornhub, which had 13.1 million Instagram followers, c ...MORE..

August 25, 2022 Help Us Rein In Big Tech

Dear Friend, Enough Is Enough® (EIE) has exciting news about legislation for which we have been longtime advocates. On July 27th, the Senate Com ...MORE..

August 23, 2022 Read This Before Sharing your Child's 'First Day of School' Photos

Dear Friend, It's that time of year and kids everywhere are heading back to school! Before you send your children on their way, we're sharing a few helpful tips to keep them safe: Think twice before sharing that First Day of School photo! Whi ...MORE..

August 4, 2022 Not a matter of IF, but WHEN your child is exposed to this. Will you be prepared?

Parents everywhere are concerned about exposure to content their children can easily access from their smart phones, laptops, notebooks and gaming systems. In fact, the multi-billion pornography industry engages deliberate marketing tactics to ensure ...MORE..

July 29, 2022 See Donna's Statement on World Day Against Human Trafficking

FUND THE FIGHT Dear Friend, This July 30th, Enough Is Enough® joins thousands o ...MORE..

July 19, 2022 Is Gaming Part of your Child's Summer Fun? Read this!

Gaming 101 Summer Safety Tips FUND THE FIGHT ...MORE..

June 29, 2022 Where exactly are your kids spending their time online? Do you really know?

DO YOU KNOW which online accounts your children use, including social media and gaming sites, messaging and e-mail? As a child can be subject to cyberbullying, be asked to share explicit images/videos or even come into contact with a child predator, it ...MORE..

June 17, 2022 Warning! Is Your Child Sharing too much info online?

Did you know that internet predators can judge by the appearance of a profile or by the behavior that a child is exhibiting online whether he or she might be a prime target for sexual grooming and exploitation? Children, teens and adolescents who ...MORE..

June 10, 2022 There are no Take-backs Online!

FUND THE FIGHT Teach your children how to protect personal information posted online and ...MORE..

June 3, 2022 Summer Safety Includes Internet Safety!

Dear Friend, With the arrival of summer, beach trips, camps, family road trips and destination travel will be on the radar for families and children everywhere. But as we all know, more downtime and a reduction in structured activity can lead to children and adolescents spending more time on their pho ...MORE..

May 24, 2022 Your Generosity and Support made THIS Happen!

Educating and Empowering the Public Advocating for Greater Corporate Responsibility Advocating for Strong Public Policy & Rule of Law Engaging Faith-based Communities ...MORE..

May 12, 2022 Look what you helped us Accomplish!

Educating, Equipping and  Empowering the Public Thanks to your support and g ...MORE..

May 9, 2022 Is social media impacting your child's mental heaLth?

Dear Friend,  It’s good for children to be connected with one another, but connection to th ...MORE..

April 28, 2022 Parent Alert! Police say "Lizzy" Groomed and Exploited 80 Children

California Man Who Posed as "Lizzy" Allegedly Lured 80 Prepubescent Children into Making Child Sex Abuse Material Sheriff's Department Urging Parents to Check their Child's Electronic Devices, Now Working to ID International Victims ...MORE..

April 21, 2022 Alert! Parents and grandparents, protect their innocence!

\ Social media platforms are fertile grounds for various kinds of online abuse and harassment including cyberbullying, sextortion and revenge pornography. In the ...MORE..

March 31, 2022 See Donna's Statement on Protecting Children from Online Abuse

  Statement by Donna Rice Hughes, President and CEO of Enough Is Enough® on Child Sex Abuse Material and the Need to Enhance Penalties for Offenders The most egregious sexual content depicting child abuse and rape of children, ...MORE..

March 17, 2022 It may be March, but this is definitely Madness!

Teens, children, and even infants are sexually exploited and trafficked online by predators who share images of their sexual abuse freely across the internet...all while big tech claims "immunity". 29.3 million CyberTipline reports containing over 84.9 million images, ...MORE..

February 17, 2022 We're one step closer to Big Tech Accountability - thanks to you!

"No child is immune from online sexual exploitation; they deserve this timely legislation to defend their  ?innocence and dignity. "  -- Kathy Hatem, Enough Is Enough® Director of Communications, EARN IT Press Conference ...MORE..

February 8, 2022 See Donna's Op-Ed: Dismantling Big Tech's Un-EARNED Immunity

Read Donna's Entire Editorial Here as it appeared today in The Washington Times on newsstands and online. Excerpts below: ...MORE..

February 7, 2022 February 8 is Safer Internet Day - What's Your Safety Plan?

  February 8, 2022, is known globally as “Safer Internet Day.” Every day, leaders, advocates, ...MORE..

February 1, 2022 The Earn It Act Will Finally Hold Big Tech Accountable...Your Help Needed today!

WHAT IS THE "EARN IT ACT?" The Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act (EARN IT Act of 2022, S. 3538) was introduced Monday in the Senate. This critical, bipartisan legislation holds electronic ...MORE..

January 20, 2022 5 Facts about Human Trafficking you may not know

5 Facts You May Not Know:  Every 30 seconds a child or teen is sold in the commercial sex industry in the United States. The majority of teens tricked and groomed into human trafficking met their trafficker or commu ...MORE..

December 21, 2021 Please....see this BEFORE you wrap up the tech gift you purchased for your child!

  Parents everywhere are likely busy getting the hottest tech gifts and gadgets for your kids! Before you do.....a reminder to make sure to set up the safety features on any device that connects to the internet (smart phones, tablets, smart tv's, gaming systems, etc.). Follow these initial steps to kee ...MORE..

December 16, 2021 Singer Billie Eilish Suffers from Harms of Explicit Garbage, EIE Has Been Warning for 30 years!

Enough Is Enough® is working tirelessly to prevent stories like this from happening again! Please, donate now to protect kids on the internet! ...MORE..

November 30, 2021 A critical message from Donna...Today can make all the difference

DID YOU KNOW you have an unprecedented window through December 31, 2021, via The Cares Act of 2021? Taxpayers who itemize deductions can make cash gifts to qualified charities like EIE, which may qualify for a charitable income tax deduction equal to 100% of their Adjusted Gross Income. You can also m ...MORE..

November 29, 2021 Help Us Protect Their Innocence from Big Tech and Big Criminals

Will You Do Your Part to Protect Children  from Online Exploitation During this Pandemic? Dear Friend, Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, the biggest day for charitable ...MORE..

November 25, 2021 We're incredibly Grateful for YOU!

While the pandemic stuck around longer than we had hoped in 2021, we continue to have so much to be grateful for at Enough Is Enough®! Most especially, we are grateful for YOU! ...MORE..

November 23, 2021 Learn How to Protect Kids Online and save $$ Shopping

SHOP, SAVE & SUPPORT EIE! Help Make the Internet Safer for Children Dear Friend, As we celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, we are also celebr ...MORE..

November 18, 2021 We can not ignore the magnitude of violence against children and adolescents - it IS preventable!

Enough Is Enough® is proud to have collaborated with the developers of theU.S. National Blueprint to End Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents which officially launchestoday in recognition of the inaugural World Day of Prevention, Healing, and Justice to End S ...MORE..

October 26, 2021 EIE is Improving the Internet Safety Landscape...See For Yourself!

Enough Is Enough®'s Culture-Changing Initiatives are being Shared and Implemented Across the Nation ... and Beyond Partnering With Leaders in the U.S. and Abroad to Protect Children on the Internet ...MORE..

October 12, 2021 Parents: Listen to Donna's interview on protecting kids from online depravity

Dear Friend, Pornography has become a scourge in the United States. On Discovery Institute's "Humanize" podcast, Wesley J. Smith speaks with Donna Rice Hughes, CEO of Enough Is Enough®. They have a mature discussion about one of the grea ...MORE..

October 6, 2021 Facebook Whistleblower Confirms its Products Harm Kids

SIGN THE PETITION DEMANDING FACEBOOK  CEO MARK ZUCKERBERG PERMANENTLY ABANDON PLANS FOR 'INSTAGRAM KIDS' APP Facebook heard from Enough Is Enough® and from Congress, and put its plan for Instagram for Kids under 13 on “pause.”  However, a f ...MORE..

October 4, 2021 Give 2 protect Kids & Deduct 50% More This Year!

I have several exciting opportunities to share with our generous friends, like you, to maximize your charitable giving and, in some cases, give more than you ever dreamed possible to help Enough Is Enough® (EIE) advance our mission to prevent the online ...MORE..

September 9, 2021 The Impact of Cyberbullying my be Greater than you Thought

A 2018 study found that children and young adults who are the victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to engage in self-harm or attempt suicide. (Swansea Uni ...MORE..

August 26, 2021 OnlyFans Reverses Ban on Explicit Content - It's All About the Bottom Line

Friends, On Wednesday, OnlyFans announced it would drop its plans to ban sexually explicit content, citing they have "secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community." As the sexual exploitation of children on the internet is at an all-time high, there is no logical scenario in which "assurances" can be made as long as re ...MORE..

August 19, 2021 Think Twice before sharing those Back-To-School Pictures

Are Parents Unintentionally Putting their Children at Risk? Parents everywhere are gearing up to send their children back to school. Many parents may post those cute "First Day" photos/videos on social media. But when parents inadvertently share too much information -- even a single photo with personally identifiable info -- it can be used by ...MORE..

August 2, 2021 Two Platforms Exploiting Children, Two Warnings All Parents Must Heed!

KIDS FLOCKING TO DANGEROUS PLATFORMS PUTTING THEM AT GREAT RISK OF SEXUAL EXPLOITATION Popular Video Chat Site tagline reads: "Talk to strangers"  Sexually Explicit Content Appears With ...MORE..

July 15, 2021 You Asked...And Big Tech is Responding!

BIG TECH IS HEARING YOUR VOICE!  NEWS IMPACTING YOUR CHILD'S ONLINE SAFETY Friends, We have lots of exciting news that has transpired in the past few weeks to share with you! Enough Is Enough® (EIE) has been calling for Big Tech accountability for decades! With your ...MORE..

June 21, 2021 The Dominoes are starting to fall...

MindGeek's Pornhub:  The 3-Plus Billion-Dollar-a-Year Criminal Enterprise is Being Dismantled, One Victory at a Time!  Dear Friends, Remember we told you last month that the Canadian government hauled MindGeek Execs into a Parliamentary committee hearing to ...MORE..

June 7, 2021 This teacher went too far! Parents Beware

Parents: Beware of What Your Child Is Being Taught in the Classroom! New York City parents were understandably outraged to learn that their 1st grade children were recently shown an animated video about masturbation! Students at th ...MORE..

May 16, 2021 Sign EIE's Petition@ Instagram is trying to monetize kids at the expense of their privacy, safety, and welfare

SIGN THE PETITION DEMANDING FACEBOOK CEO MARK ZUCKERBERG ABANDON PLANS FOR INSTAGRAM APP FOR KIDS Friends, just when we thought we'd seen it all... Instagram is is now trying to monetize kids at the expense of their privacy, safety and welfare! ...MORE..

May 4, 2021 Donna Rice Hughes "In the News": Protect Your Children from Dangerous Tech Threats

Dear friends, EIE President Donna Rice Hughes recently gave two media interviews addressing child safety in today's digital word.  Given the pandemic increases in child sexual exploitation, trafficking, grooming and extreme pornography online, every parent and grandparent needs to watch the important interviews ...MORE..

April 28, 2021 Sexual Awareness Month: Disturbing Trends, Preventative Measures

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Children and families need our support more than ever.  Enough Is Enough® (EIE) has been educating, equipping and empowering others with the information they need to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and make the internet s ...MORE..

March 23, 2021 Trafficking, Atlanta Shootings and Child Exploitation: What you need to know

You're Invited! Join Voices Against Trafficking International Zoom Webinar This Wednesday Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing multibillion dollar ...MORE..

March 10, 2021 News Headlines: Issues Impacting your child's safety in the digital world

2020 Exploitation Statistics Released: Key Findings from CyberTipline 2020: Rise in Online Enticement and Other Trends From Exploitation Stats reveal ...MORE..

February 9, 2021 Parliamentary Committee Grills MindGeek Execs About Illegal Content

MindGeek Execs Show Up Unprepared and Unwilling to Acknowledge the Full Extent of their Role in Exploiting Countless Victims on Pornhub   "It should not be up to children and victims to request to have their content removed,"  (A ...MORE..

February 2, 2021 Teen Vogue's Latest Outrage - You Won't Believe What They are Teaching Kids Now!

Please, Sign Our Petition Today  “Porn that portrays fantasies about nonconsensual sex, for instance, isn’t necessarily misogynist if it centers on characters’ pleasure and agency.” -- Teen Vogue Did ...MORE..

January 26, 2021 Free Men's Virtual Marriage Summit held January 23rd

Promise Keepers To Hold First-Ever Men’s Marriage Summit Kicks off January 23, 2021 11am Eastern | 10am Central | 9am Mountain | 8am Pacific ...MORE..

January 11, 2021 What You Need to Know NOW to Keep Your Child Safer from Traffickers

January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day Reports of online sexual exploitation of children have soared during the COVID-19 pandemic as predators take advantage of the fact that kids are often unsupervised and spending mor ...MORE..

December 30, 2020 Real Children are Being Harmed; See Recent Grooming and Kidnapping Case

Dear Friend, As we reflect upon one of the most challenging years in modern history, I hope and pray that you and your loved ones are safe and well this holiday season.  The mission of Enough Is EnoughSM (EIE) is more critical than ever.  Savvy predators, traffickers, pornographers, and cyberbullies have ...MORE..

December 28, 2020 EIE in the News: Media and Education/Awareness Highlights

In 2020, Enough Is Enough® (EIE) has been busier than ever, and EIE's mission is more critical than ever.  EIE continues to incorporate a 3 pronged-strategic approach in its campaigns and initiatives designed to make the internet safer for children and families. ...MORE..

December 21, 2020 Wait! Before you warp that tech gift you purchased for your Child...

Busy getting the hottest tech gifts and gadgets for your kiddos all wrapped up?  Before you do.....make sure to set up the safety features on any device that connects to the internet (smart phones, tablets, smart tv's, gaming systems, etc.). Follow these initial ...MORE..

December 17, 2020 Petition Demanding DOJ Prosecute Pornographers for Breaking U.S. Federal Laws

*SIGN THE PETITION NOW!* ?Demand DOJ Prosecute Pornhub & MindGeek for U.S. Law Violations: Child Porn, Trafficking Content AND Obscene Pornography! Dear Friends, ?Enough Is Enoug ...MORE..

December 9, 2020 Pornhub exposed - the truth is finally being told

Photo credit: Rachel Bujalski for The New York Times Pornhub Exposed!  "Its site is infested with rape videos. It monetizes child rapes, revenge pornography, spy cam videos o ...MORE..

November 25, 2020 There's So Much to be Thankful For...Especially You!

Friends, Even with all the challenges that came with 2020, there is so much for which we can be thankful and grateful. Here at Enough Is Enough®, I ...MORE..

October 28, 2020 What Will it Take to End the Cycle of Abuse of Sexual Exploitation? We Have the Answer & Solution

THE CYCLE OF ABUSE IS SPAWNED BY THE MOST VILE (and illegal!) PORNOGRAPHIC CONTENT.  Read about Current Efforts to Address this Unprecedented Threat to Our Children and Families Below   EIE Calls on ...MORE..

October 19, 2020 Netflix profits off of exploiting children - Please Help Us Stop Them!

It's Clear Netflix and "Cuties" Producers Do NOT Understand Child Pornography Laws  Friends, Enough Is Enough® (EIE) is continuing our frontline efforts to hold Netflix and the "Cuties" film producers accountable for sex ...MORE..

September 28, 2020 Sign Petition TODAY: Ban "Cuties" from Netflix and Call for DOJ to Investigate Possible Child P*rn Charges!

SIGN THE PETITION NOW! Netflix Execs and Film Production Crew MUST be Held Accountable!   *Twerking* *Humping* *Gyrating* *Performance of stripper-esque dance moves* *Crotch ...MORE..

September 15, 2020 Parents Beware: "Cuties" is a Toxic Brew of Sexual Exploitation and Child Objectification

Film warrants an urgent and necessary call for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate potential child pornography production and distribution Enough Is Enough® is joining calls for the removal of the film “Cuties” from Netflix and an investigation by the Department of Justice for potential child pornography ...MORE..

September 2, 2020 Please don't allow COVID to lower your standards when it comes to your child's internet safety

Friends, we need your help in spreading this important message: Parents must not cave to COVID and relax their child's online safety practices as screen time is increasing during the pandemic. Your donation can help us reach parents nationwide with urgent messaging t ...MORE..

August 13, 2020 ALERT: COVID Increasing Online Sexual Exploitation of Children

For many, school is either back in session or just around the corner. Whether your children will be attending in person or virtually, they will be spending a significant amount time on digital devices for learning, socialization and entertainment. Reports of online sex ...MORE..

August 6, 2020 TikTok on the Brink of Being Banned in US; Teens and Snapchat; and more!

Popular Social Media Apps, Child Safety Measures In the News Microsoft could buy TikTok for as much as $30 billion "TikTok has been under fire from the Trump administration, which has accus ...MORE..

July 15, 2020 Watch Donna on the Bill Walton Show and on Global Summit to End Sexual Exploitation

When: Donna's presentation will be made available to watch on-demand for 24 hours on July 22 starting 8 a.m. ET. Where:  Registration is FREE for this ONLINE event, however, if you would like Lifetime Access to all event content, ...MORE..

July 9, 2020 Huge Strides to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation Online Despite COVID

Key Efforts to Combat Sexual Exploitation Remain Unstoppable Despite Pandemic EIE President Donna Rice Hughes to Present at July Global Summit to Combat Sexual Exploitation On July 22, Enoug ...MORE..

June 4, 2020 Steps to secure your child's summertime the digital world

More Summertime Down-time Requires Proactive Steps to Keep Kids Safe on the Internet Whether that long-awaited summer break is spent at the beach or in the cool indoors, chances are your kids wi ...MORE..

May 21, 2020 TikTok Privacy Concerns, Senior Scams, and more

Popular Video App Fails to Carry Out Agreement to Protect Children's Privacy The New York Times reported that TikTok, a popular video app which has soared in popularity with American's shelter ...MORE..

May 14, 2020 Teen Vogue has become a parent's worst nightmare and must be shut down

Friends, If you have not already done so, please take a moment to sign our petition to Shut Down Teen Vogue. We've already had more than 24,000 concerned citizens in less than a week tell publisher Conde Nast they won't stand by as the digital teen publication pre ...MORE..

May 5, 2020 NEW Petition to Shut Down for Encouraging Youth to Sect During COVID-19


April 23, 2020 Alerts to Tech Privacy Issues, COVID-19 Business Support, and More

Have you Been a Victim of "Zoombombing?" Whether using Zoom for work or to stay socially connected, you might be among the millions turning to video conferencing software to communicate during the coronavirus pandemic. But did you know the video chat app's security and privacy issues have come into light in recent week ...MORE..

April 17, 2020 The White House Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

Friends, The White House has asked us to share President Trump's Guidelines for Opening Up America Again, a three-phased approach based on the advice of public health experts. These steps will help state and local officials when reopening their economies, getting pe ...MORE..

April 14, 2020 5 Proactive Steps to Mitigate Online Harms to your Children During COVID-19

Dear Friends, With kids at home using technology for school work and entertainment during the COVID-19 crisis, it's critical now, more than ever, for parents and grandparents to implement the following safety measures to keep your child safe on all internet-connected devices. Your child is no match for tricky po ...MORE..

April 8, 2020 Quarantine Opens Doors to Kids' Exposure to Predators and Other Online Dangers

The FBI recently warned the public that school closings due to the COVID-19 pandemic present a potential for increased risk of child exploitation as students are spending more unsupervised time at home on computers. EIE President Donna Rice Hughes shared her advice on this very issue this past week, and the work Enough ...MORE..

April 7, 2020 A Message of Hope and Safety during COVID-19

Dear friends and family, You are all on my heart and in my prayers, seriously.  I am hoping you are all well and staying safe. I implore each of you to follow every detail of the federal and local governments' guideline to slow the spread of COVID-19, including staying at home and wearing a mask ...MORE..

April 3, 2020 IMPORTANT: Phone Call with Vice President Pence

IMPORTANT: Phone Call With  Vice President Pence -- A message from Donna Rice Hughes, President, Enough Is Enough® Friends,  Yesterday, I was grateful to join Vice President Pence on an important update call, along with other NGO ...MORE..

March 26, 2020 Important Information Provided by the White House on COVID-19

IMPORTANT INFORMATION STRAIGHT FROM THE WHITE HOUSE Friends,  The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for us to unite and check our differences at the door to protect each other, our nation and our world.  The Wh ...MORE..

March 19, 2020 COVID-19...Silver linings?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Let's show an Epidemic of Kindness Advice to Make the Best of a Challenging Situation with Kindness, Gratitude, and Optimism    Friends,  There's no question that these com ...MORE..

March 12, 2020 EIE is Joining Senators Calling on Greater Accountability and Responsibility from Big Tech!

Enough Is Enough® Supports Bipartisan Legislation To Curb Online Sexual Exploitation By Promoting Earned Liability Protection Enough Is Enough® (EIE) is among 70-plus groups, survivors and stakeholders to endorse The Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies (EARN IT) Act, which offers incent ...MORE..

February 17, 2020 Someone in your life needs this simple act of kindness

Random Posts of Kindness Inspiring An Online Kindness Epidemic! Join Us in Creating a Kinder Internet by Sharing Uplifting Posts With Others During Random Acts of Kindness Week! Friends,  A simple random ...MORE..

February 5, 2020 We Were at the White House, Standing Together to Fight Trafficking!

Dear Friends, Last Friday, I had the honor of attending the White House Summit on Human Trafficking to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, the first law that made human trafficking a federal crime.  The Summit concluded with President Trump signing of an executive order w ...MORE..

January 17, 2020 Triumphing Over Evil - You Can Make all the Difference

Dear Friends, We are fighting so many wars on so many fronts. This month is National Human Trafficking Awareness month.  While Enough Is Enough® is a secular organization with the goal of making the Internet safer for children and families from all faiths and no faith, I am a person of the Christian faith an ...MORE..

January 6, 2020 EIE's already making headlines in 2020!

Friends,  We're just 6 days into the new year and Enough Is Enough® (EIE) is already making headlines and gaining serious momentum on some very important issues we've been tackling this past year!  The Washington Times recently published an op-ed I penned, "Draining the CyberSwamp" calling on the n ...MORE..