Dear Friends,

Thanks to your support, we have started a movement!

On Monday of this week, over 46,500 Americans and 75 partnering organizations, joined Enough Is Enough® in sending an urgent petition to McDonald's and Starbucks to offer safe WiFi in their combined 25,000 U.S. locations.

It's time Starbucks and McDonald's filter their public WiFi services and not just their coffee. P*rn Free WiFiTM is a win-win for families and the companies' respective brands. This is not about censorship; it's about corporate responsibility and good corporate citizenship - and most importantly, about safety for all patrons.

These companies already filter both child p*rn and p*rnography on their public WiFi in the UK and other nations. Now millions of Americans have joined us in requesting that these companies offer American children the same level of protection as they do for children overseas. Plus, Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread and others have been filtering their WiFi in the U.S. for years.

The petitions, delivered before Starbucks' annual shareholders meeting, which is taking place today, were accompanied by a detailed letter to the companies' respective CEO's and Boards of Directors. See here.

I included the following information in my follow-up letters below:

Our P*rn Free WiFi movement is growing. We need your financial support to continue our momentum on these critical efforts. We cannot do this important work without the vital resources you can provide. Will you support us today? Donate here.

Thank you for taking action!

For the sake of children and families,
Donna Rice Hughes
President & CEO
Enough Is Enough®
Making the Internet safer for children and families;, www.friendlywifi,org