November 29, 2018

Fortune: Starbucks Will Block Pornography on Its Store Wi-Fi Starting in 2019

File this one under things you probably thought already happened: Starbucks says that it will start blocking pornography on its store’s WiFi starting next year.

Viewing porn in a Starbucks store over its free public Wi-Fi network was already a violation of the company’s internet policy; however, it apparently was unable to stop guests from using the network to browse pornography.

Now, a Starbucks representative says that it’s identified a solution to prevent pornographic content from being viewed within its store and has a plan to introduce that solution to its U.S. locations in 2019, reports NBC News.

The move comes after the internet-safety advocacy group Enough is Enough circulated a petition asking for the coffee giant to address the issue. That petition received more than 26,000 signatures...

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