March 13, 2018

CBN: Children as Sex Objects: Why NYC Gay Pride Parade Is Being Called a 'Celebration of Pedophilia'

The annual New York City gay pride parade is known for its eccentric themes and over the top, sexually charged floats but this year's headliner has left many in the gay community shaking their heads.

The organizers have employed a 10-year-old child as the 'face' of this year's festivities....

Child advocates like Donna Rice Hughes tell CBN News the parade has gone too far and that using a child amounts to "both child abuse and sexualizing children because sexualizing children is child sexual abuse." 

Hughes, president of Enough is Enough, is calling for America to put an end to this debauchery saying, "Children need to have a protected age of innocence, provided to them by their parents, adult family members, the community and the culture at large."

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