November 29, 2018

CNet: Starbucks to stop customers from watching porn in stores

The ban will reportedly begin in 2019, following pressure from internet-safety activists.

Starbucks will reportedly crush customers' porn viewing habits in 2019.

The coffee giant will introduce a tool that'll stop people from viewing explicit material on its Wi-Fi networks next year, Business Insider reported Tuesday.

Watching porn is already banned at Starbucks, but it currently has only has content blockers in place in its UK stores.

The change comes after years of pressure from internet safety group Enough is Enough, which asked Starbucks to follow through on a 2016 commitment to offer safe Wi-Fi. It set up a petition that received more than 26,000 signatures in a week.

"Starbucks has demonstrated that they don't respond to a carrot approach, but are very responsive to a public stick and media pressure," Donna Rice Hughes, the group's CEO, said in an emailed statement.

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