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December 19, 2017 Teen Vogue's Sexual Obscenity Must Be Stopped to Protect Kids From Exploitation, Activist Says

A prominent internet safety activist is urging parents to keep the pressure on Teen Vogue as its latest issue pushes obscenity even further despite the backlash it received over its anal sex instruction guide that was published earlier this year. A movement to protect children from dangers in the digital world is underway with major figures like ...MORE..

December 6, 2017 Yahoo News: Cybersafety experts weigh in on Facebook's new Messenger app for kids: 'This is horrifying'

Facebook made a big announcement on Monday: The company has launched a messaging app that's designed just for kids. Dubbed Messenger Kids, the app lets kids use Facebook's messaging tool, making it the first time the company has let children under the age of 13 officially use its software. "Regular" Facebook still has an official use restriction f ...MORE..

November 18, 2017 Breitbart News: Mom's March for America Celebrates Opening of Museum of the Bible

Members of Mom's March for America – a national movement of mothers designed to take back America's culture – plan to attend the dedication ceremony of the Museum of the Bible Friday, November 17. The museum, located just three blocks south of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., houses a 3,200-pound full-scale replica of the Liberty Bell, donated ...MORE..

September 23, 2017 Donna Rice-Hughes, President Enough Is Enough® speaks at Mom's March for America

Watch the video of her speech below:

August 23, 2017 Christian Post: Digital Addiction, Sexualized Culture Driving Rising Teen Suicide Rates; Fight Is 'Spiritual Battle,' Some Say

A recent CDC report reveals that suicide among teen girls has reached a 40-year high, having doubled in the past 10 years, and in that same time frame the rate has risen 30 percent among teen boys. In 2015, 524 females ages 15 to 19 and 1,537 males in that same age range ended their lives in the United States, the analysis shows. Donna Rice Hu ...MORE..

August 16, 2017 WorldNetDaily: Petition Demands Teen Vogue Take Down Youth 'Porn'

WASHINGTON – A national Internet safety organization is urging Americans to sign a petition to repudiate Teen Vogue’s online anal-sex tutorial and convince the publication to take it down.... It was placed in the mag’s “Sexual Health” section but doesn’t mention the health risks of such activities, according to a petition promoted by ...MORE..

August 3, 2017 Eric Metaxas Radio: interview with Donna Rice Hughes about Teen Vogue

Donna Rice Hughes updates Eric on the campaign that zeros in on the incendiary sex article in Teen Vogue. Listen Now ...MORE..

July 27, 2017 CBN.COM: Internet Safety Group Says 'Teen Vogue Must Stop Promoting Sexual Activity to Youth'

An internet watchdog group is urging parents to help them get Teen Vogue pulled off the shelves just weeks after the magazine published a how-to-guide on anal sex. So far, more than 11,000 people have signed petitions to remove the magazine from grocery stores, bookstores, and the internet... "It is irresponsible for a mainstream teen fashion ...MORE..

July 11, 2017 Teen Vogue's Sex Instruction Guide for Girls Is 'Horrific,' Women's Rights Advocates Say

Women's rights advocates are criticizing a July 7 article in Teen Vogue featuring a "What You Need to Know" advice column, aimed at girls, encouraging them to engage in intercourse and minimizing the dangers. Internet safety activist Donna Rice Hughes, president of Enough is Enough, told CP that she finds Teen Vogue's promotion of sex of any kin ...MORE..

May 10, 2017 USA Today: What's up with Melania Trump's cyber bullying campaign? It's 'a work in progress'

Melania Trump, America's historic first lady, pledged before the election that she would lead a campaign against cyber bullying. But so far, say leaders and activists in anti-cyber bullying efforts, neither Trump nor her East Wing staff have reached out, nor have they responded to offers to help.... Donna Rice Hughes, a key figure in a 1987 po ...MORE..

February 16, 2017 Boston Globe: YouTube star’s anti-Semitic posts a wake-up call for parents

By Lexi Peery Boston Globe Correspondent  The news that Disney axed its deal with YouTube superstar PewDiePie over anti-Semitic content in his videos rocked his millions of fans this week — as well as the millions of parents who’ve long assumed his social media posts were moronic but relatively harmless. After all, 27-year-old PewDiePie, ...MORE..

February 7, 2017 Mother Jones: Whatever Happened to Melania Trump's Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign?

No one in the anti-cyberbullying world has heard from her. On November 3, Melania Trump gave a rare speech on the campaign trail for her husband, Donald. At the end of the speech, she made an announcement: If her husband were elected, she would focus on combating cyberbullying from the White House. "We have to find a better way to talk to each ot ...MORE..

February 3, 2017 Will President Trump Uphold Promise to Fight Online Child Sex Crimes?

Before winning the election, President Trump signed a pledge of support Local child advocates are urging President Trump to act on a campaign promise.  Before even winning the election, Donald Trump signed a pledge- that if elected- he would crack down on internet sex crimes against children.  Advocates say the federal government has not made t ...MORE..

January 25, 2017 Baptist Press: Porn 'health hazard' resolutions considered in Tenn., Va.

Tennessee and Virginia would become the latest states in the U.S. to declare pornography a public health hazard under resolutions introduced in the states' legislatures. Tennessee Senate Joint Resolution 35, which was filed in the state Senate Tuesday (Jan. 24), urges the state to "recognize pornography as a public health hazard leading to a bro ...MORE..