May 10, 2017

USA Today: What's up with Melania Trump's cyber bullying campaign? It's 'a work in progress'

Melania Trump, America's historic first lady, pledged before the election that she would lead a campaign against cyber bullying.

But so far, say leaders and activists in anti-cyber bullying efforts, neither Trump nor her East Wing staff have reached out, nor have they responded to offers to help....

Donna Rice Hughes, a key figure in a 1987 political scandal that ended a Democratic presidential campaign, has been a respected leader on Internet safety for kids for more than two decades through her Enough is Enough non-profit. She endorsed Donald Trump and though she hasn't heard yet from Melania, she is convinced it will happen and that mothers especially will relate to the new FLOTUS.

"She is modeling what it means to have a balanced life and the difficulty most women who have families are having in trying to keep that all in balance," says Hughes. "I am not at all concerned or surprised she's taking some time. It's very clear right now her priority is her son. She’s got four years minimum, maybe eight, to deal with cyber bullying."

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