September 23, 2016

WND: Women commit suicide over horrific 'cyber rape' trend

'Think before you post. Think before you share. Nothing is truly private'

It’s 2016: The Internet is king, and sexting and pornography have become a global obsession – but, in some cases, the fascination is actually killing young women.

On Sept. 15, the world was stunned when a toxic mix of “revenge porn” and cyber bullying tragically claimed the life of Tiziana Cantone, a 31-year-old raven-haired beauty in Italy.

Revenge porn, also known as “cyber rape,” is the unauthorized sharing of private sexual photos or videos or another person, often for the purpose of harassing the victim. Many times, the pornographic content includes victims’ names and other identifying details....

Donna Rice Hughes, president and CEO of Enough is Enough, a nonpartisan organization promoting the fight against online pornography, told WND, “Whether it’s sexting or whatever the case may be, when a sexual image or a sex video ends up online, however it gets there, if it was unintended by the person who it’s depicting, then it can cause a tremendous amount of harm to that person, psychological harm and emotional harm.”..

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