August 2, 2016

The Slot: Donald Trump Seems to Have Signed an Anti-Porn Pledge

On Monday, advocacy group Enough Is Enough® announced via press release that Donald Trump, serial woman-cherisher, had signed an anti-porn pledge, vowing to "prevent the sexual exploitation of children online," and to "make the internet safer for all." That really is something.

"Mr. Trump's leadership and commitment to uphold the rule of law is demonstrated by his signing of the Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge," said CEO and President of the organization Donna Rice Hughes in a statement. "Governments can't parent and parents can't enforce the law. Parents alone cannot prevent internet crimes against their children."

"Government must also do its part and enforce all the laws on the books, not just some of them! Over the last two decades America's children have paid an unnecessarily steep price for the lax enforcement of federal obscenity laws. Obscenity is not protected under the First Amendment, and the failure to enforce the law is harming children across the nation and around the world."

The statement also cites Utah legislature deeming pornography a "public health crisis" that leads to the "hyper-sexualization of teens." In an interview, Hughes reportedly said that an explosion of internet porn "rewired teen brains."

While the Trump campaign has not responded to a request for comment regarding the press release's veracity, Enough Is Enough®'s website features a page dedicated to the presidential pledge, and allows visitors to see Trump's signed copy of the pledge.

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