August 7, 2016

Western Journalism: Of The Three Candidates, Only Trump Pledged To Keep Internet Safe For Kids

"... check our differences at the door for the sake of the children."

Recently, all three presidential candidates were asked to pledge to enforce Internet obscenity laws — known as “The Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge.”

But only Donald Trump did so, according to TheBlaze.

Donna Rice Hughes, CEO of the non-partisan group Enough is Enough, which created the eight-page pledge, reported the Hillary Clinton campaign stated that while they agree with the pledge’s call for greater enforcement of existing obscenity laws, they have a strict policy against the signing pledges.

Hughes also stated Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson’s campaign has not yet responded to the group’s request, but Trump did respond, and promptly returned the pledge, signed by the Republican nominee.

“Mr. Trump’s leadership and commitment to uphold the rule of law is demonstrated by his signing of the Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge…Making the internet safer for children and families is a critical step in making America safe again,” Hughes said in a statement....

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