September 20, 2016

Washington Examiner: Hollywood attacks parental movie filtering OK'd by Congress

An entertainment company that is acting on a 2005 federal law to let parents filter sex, violence and profanity from movies is under attack in Hollywood, drawing return fire from at least 16 family groups who are threatening to urge a boycott by the 52 million "values audience."

VidAngel, whose motto is "watch movies however the bleep you want," took advantage of the Family Movie Act of 2005 and created a filtering system for users who are eager to watch movies but are concerned about offensive content.

Donna Rice Hughes, whose Enough Is Enough® group has convinced McDonald's restaurants and others to filter porn from free Internet offered at stores, added, "Protecting youth from pornography and other objectionable online content should be shared by the government, corporate America and the parents.

"It seems to me that VidAngel is making it much easier for parents to be empowered to easily and economically manage the type of film content their children view online"...

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