July 18, 2016

Consumer Affairs: Retailers with wi-fi hotspots find they need to block porn

McDonalds acts, Starbucks considers it

You wouldn't think someone would go to a restaurant or coffee shop and use the free wi-fi access to watch porn, but apparently it's a thing.

Last week McDonald's said it had installed filters on public wi-fi at its restaurants to prevent customers from accessing porn sites. Now Starbucks says it is exploring similar action, according to Enough Is Enough®, an anti-porn advocacy group.

"We are pleased by Starbucks' decision to make its stores safer for families and children by pursuing an effective wi-fi filtering solution," said Donna Rice Hughes, President of Enough Is Enough®. "This simple act of corporate responsibility is good for the public and for customer service. We are hopeful that in the very near future, Starbucks will be filtering their coffee and their wi-fi, both nationally and globally."...

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