August 1, 2016

US News & World Report: Trump Gets Hard Time From Pornographers Over Anti-Obscenity Pledge

Porn titans call Trump the 'ultimate misogynist,' say he should delete his Twitter account if he's so concerned about decency.

Donald Trump has signed a pledge to crack down on pornography if he's elected president, according to a group that campaigns for the enforcement of federal laws that arguably criminalize distributing images of sexual activity among consenting adults.

Porn business owners say they doubt that the thrice-married Republican candidate who once posed for the cover of Playboy magazine actually would bring down the hammer, though his signature on the document does appear authentic.

Much of the pledge drafted by Enough Is Enough® deals with child exploitation. Its aim can be confusing at first, though it does specifically address federal obscenity laws and the possible societal harms of pornography in "whereas" clauses and in the pledge itself.

In signing, the group says Trump promised to steer more resources toward prosecutions and to appoint an attorney general who would make enforcement of federal obscenity laws – along with laws against child abuse and child pornography – "a top priority."

"We wanted it to be easy to say yes to and hard to say no to," says Enough Is Enough®'s president and CEO, Donna Rice Hughes.

Hughes says combining the policing of raunchy footage of consenting adults with advocacy against child abuse makes sense, citing what she says are high rates of teens viewing bestiality and group sex, and the potential that viewing hardcore porn could be a steppingstone to further depths...

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