August 1, 2016

Washington Examiner: Trump signs first ever Internet anti-porn pledge, Clinton refuses

Donald Trump has signed the first-ever internet anti-porn presidential pledge, promising to enforce long-ignored obscenity laws to stop the explosion of hard core sex videos that studies show are rewiring teen brains and feeding violence against children.

The Republican presidential candidate signed the pledge from the internet safety group Enough is Enough with no questions asked, but Democrat Hillary Clinton didn't.

Enough is Enough President Donna Rice Hughes told Secrets that the Clinton campaign cited a policy of not signing pledges. But, she added, "Clinton agrees with the goals of the pledge. It's a good step."

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On Trump, she added, "I applaud Mr. Trump's leadership and commitment to uphold the rule of law as demonstrated by his signing of The Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge. Making the internet safer for children and families is a critical step in making America safe again."

For over 20 years, Hughes and her non-partisan group have pressed administrations to enforce obscenity laws, but many presidents have looked the other way. "President Obama has not enforced the laws at all," she said...

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