July 21, 2016

The Atlantic: Hotels- Pretty Okay With Their Customers' Porn-Watching Habits

As more businesses block access to certain internet content on personal devices, the hospitality industry is finding it lucrative not to.

Earlier this week, McDonald’s and Starbucks became the two latest high-profile companies to pledge to block customers from accessing pornography over store-provided wifi networks. The development was the most recent victory in a campaign by Enough Is Enough®, an advocacy group that promotes “internet safety.” These efforts seem to be successful in large part because public viewers of adult entertainment appear to be a constituency without a champion. (“Well, that’s the last 25 cents I ever give them for a cup of ice,” one fictitious public-porn aficionado told The Onion on Tuesday.)

But while McDonald’s and Starbucks have joined the ranks of Panera and Chick-fil-A in restricting access to certain content on personal devices, another industry seems to embracing this particular consumer habit: hotels.

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