September 15, 2016

WND: Myra Adams talks to activist who roared back from scandal via 'God's faithfulness'

VIP Q&A with Donna Rice Hughes: Internet-safety warrior

The summer of 2016 brought EIE three headline-making victories. First, after waging an aggressive two-year public advocacy campaign urging McDonald’s and Starbucks to lead corporate America by blocking porn on public Wi-Fi at their restaurants, both corporations agreed to add anti-porn filters.

Second, EIE announced the 2016 Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge, asking presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson, if elected, to lead the online fight against sexual exploitation of children. On Aug. 1, it was widely reported (and on WND) that Trump signed the pledge. Third, in a Sept. 7 press release EIE announced that Donna received a letter signed by Hillary Clinton announcing her support for the goals of the Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge.

Making her 22 years as a leading child safety Internet advocate even more inspiring is Donna’s compelling personal story. She first came to international attention at age 29 as Donna Rice, a key figure in a widely publicized 1987 political scandal that contributed to the end of former Sen. Gary Hart‘s campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for president.

WND is honored to have Donna Rice Hughes participate in our VIP interview series...

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