July 19, 2016

Slate: Starbucks Is Banning Porn From Its Free Wi-Fi

Customers will soon no longer be able to watch porn at Starbucks.

The coffee giant will soon block explicit websites, CNN reports. “Once we determine that our customers can access our free Wi-Fi in a way that also doesn’t involuntarily block unintended content, we will implement this in our stores,” a Starbucks spokesperson told CNN on Friday.

“In the meantime, we reserve the right to stop any behavior that interferes with our customer experience, including what is accessed on our free Wi-Fi.”

The new policy comes after years of pressure from the internet-safety organization Enough is Enough.

“We are pleased by Starbucks’ decision to make its stores safer for families and children by pursuing an effective Wi-Fi filtering solution,” Donna Rice Hughes, president of EIE, said in a statement....

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