Accomplishments 2010

No Child Left Unprotected

EIE continued to employ its three-pronged, preventative strategy, by: (1) raising public awareness and educating the public on Internet safety; (2) advising and encouraging the technology industry to implement viable technology solutions and family-friendly corporate policies; and (3) promoting legal solutions by calling for aggressive enforcement of existing laws and enactment of new laws to stop the exploitation and victimization of our children online. This comprehensive strategy to approach issues of Internet safety was developed by EIE leadership at the advent of the commercialization of the Internet in the mid nineties and has been henceforth adopted by industry leaders, the White House and other nation's governments.

EIE continues to pioneer Internet safety efforts, its most recent accomplishment is the development and distribution of it's award winning, best of breed Internet Safety 101® multi-media program. It is currently the only comprehensive curriculum designed to educate, equip and empower parents, educators and other caring adults with the knowledge and resources needed to protect children from online dangers.


The Internet Safety 101SM Program educates, equips and empowers parents, educators and other caring adults with the knowledge and resources needed to protect children from the dangers of pornography, sexual predators and cyberbullies as well as to keep kids safe on social networking sites, gaming and mobile devices. Firsthand accounts from law enforcement officers, clinicians, victims, parents, kids, industry leaders and even a convicted sex offender are woven into this four-part DVD series, workbook and accompanying material, led by renowned Internet safety expert and EIE President, Donna Rice Hughes.

Developed expanded (2.0 version) 101 Program resources, including the:

  • Internet Safety 101SM Rules 'N Tools Booklet
  • Internet Safety 101SM Facilitator's Edition
  • Updated Internet Safety 101SM Workbook and Resource Guide
  • Updated version of the Internet Safety 101SM DVD teaching series

Awards: 2009 Silver Davey Award in the educational film category; 2010 Silver Telly Award for the Internet Safety 101SM "Rules 'N Tools" Safety 101 Section of the Teaching Series.

Product Sales/Fulfillment House/E-Commerce:

  • Engaged World Media Group as our 101 program fully integrated media production, order-taking/shopping cart, order fulfillment, and distribution partner.
  • Partnered with STL Distribution, which has strong distribution channels into national and local bookstore chains.
  • and online bookstore/order center.

Developed & Launched the Internet Safety 101SM Website, This education-focused website complements use of the Internet Safety 101SM Curriculum and includes:

  • Information on pornography, sexual predators, online gaming, cyberbullying, social networking, mobile devices sexting, and other Internet dangers. Information on safety solutions, including Internet Safety Rules 'N Tools
  • Password-protected 101 SM Facilitator Section
  • "Take Action" space
  • "Order 101" Program space

Outreach & Communications:

  • Produced monthly "For the Sake of the Children" e-mail blasts to communicate Internet safety information to web user community. (List is over 7,000)
  • Established a relationship with Google to use their Google Grants program, which empowers non-profit organizations to achieve their goals by helping them promote their websites via advertising on Google. Google AdWords ads appear when users search on Google and when you click on one of the ads, you are brought to the website being advertised.
  • Worked with partner AOL to develop an EIE search widget to optimize search results via AOL.

Developed & Launched Internet Safety 101SM Social Media campaigns, which includes:

  • Enough Is Enough® Blog
  • Enough Is Enough® Cause's Page and Fan Page on Facebook
  • EIE YouTube Channel
  • EIE Myspace Page
  • EIE Twitter Accounts

National Launch of Internet Safety 101SM/Virtual Press Conference:

  • EIE Worked with PR Firm Adfero to develop a media campaign, including strategic press releases, media pitching, partnership coordination, social media outreach, the creation and development of an Internet Safety 101SM "Test Your Web-Savvy" Quiz, creation of Press Kits and 101 Communications Materials, creation of signage for partners and launch event, and coordination with The Heritage Foundation to launch the virtual press conference on UStream.
  • National Launch Sponsors were: AOL, AT&T, Google, Microsoft, MySpace, OJJDP (DOJ), Verizon and the Salvation Army.
  • Additional sponsors include: Anschutz Foundation, Fieldstead & Company, MDRT Foundation, McNichols Foundation, NetNanny, Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation, Verizon, and SMobile.

Leveraged Resources/Partner Highlights

  • EIE and Internet Safety 101SM have been featured and highlighted on the following partner sites and affiliate blogs: AOL's safety center, "Safety Clicks" and AOL's affiliate blog, "ParentDish"; AT&T's Corporate site as a grant recipient and AT&T's Corporate Blog; on MySpace's Safety Blog; the National Salvation Army's site; NetNanny's resource and partner site; in an advisory role for the National House of Hope; as a partner and resource via the Verizon Foundation; as a feature parent expert on Verizon's corporate blog; included as a partner to SMobile among many others; included in a multi-part audio blog series with partner Covenant Eyes.
  • CBS Network and Neutron Media provided EIE with space on their Times Square JumboTron in New York City to run an ad outlining the EIE Internet Safety products and resources; CBS estimated this ad made over 1,500,000 impressions per day.
  • EIE also developed two educational banner ads which were displayed in four two-week flights on Myspace as an in-kind donation, making approximately 13 million impressions per-ad flight.
  • EIE continued to leverage its partnership with AOL, and, as a result, AOL also provided premium ad space for four flights, lasting two-weeks each to display EIE's educational banner ads, making approximately 20 million impressions per-ad flight.
  • AOL continued to promote an AOL search result widget for Internet Safety 101®.
  • Ebay Classifieds: Included information about EIE and the Internet Safety 101SM program during their "De-clutter" campaign. Ebay provided charitable contributions per-item posted on their classifieds site to EIE, totaling $25,000.
  • AT&T has provided pro-bono PR Support via their firm, DCI Group. EIE is working with DCI to launch a back-to-school educational campaign. EIE has also worked with AT&T as they launch their new Smart Controls options for parents and families.
  • EIE worked with Google as a partner and advisor to their Google Family Safety Center, providing key information regarding child safety online. EIE also continues to participate in Google's Child Safety Summit in Mountain View, CA, bringing together Google's Internet safety experts. EIE also continues to pursue pro-bono sponsored results via Google Grants.
  • Partnering organizations including the National Salvation Army, the Georgia Child Advocacy Centers, the Virginia PTA, the Maryland PTA, the Maryland Coalition Against Pornography and representatives of the Maryland Archdiocese hold ongoing Internet Safety 101SM trainings.
  • EIE continued its work with the Verizon Foundation in Virginia, Maryland and South Carolina. EIE will be launching its Verizon South Carolina Internet Safety 101® efforts in South Carolina in 2011.
  • EIE partnered with the Virginia Attorney General to distribute 1000 Internet Safety 101SM Programs to churches, synagogues and mosques through the grassroots networks of the Virginia Interfaith Council and the Virginia Family Foundation.
  • EIE joined the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation, representing a multidisciplinary panel of experts, foundations, academics, and government representatives advocating for the end of child sexual abuse.

Media and Public Relations

  • The following provides a highlight of the hundreds of interviews and commentary provided in 2010 to date:


  • The Today Show
  • CNN
  • In Session (Court TV)
  • Fox & Friends
  • Your Family Live, Focus on the Family (Webcast)
  • CBN


  • Family News in Focus
  • Fox News Radio
  • Point of View Radio
  • WTOP, News Talk
  • The Janet Parshall Show
  • ABC Radio


  • Fox News Online
  • The Daily Caller
  • The Examiner
  • Salvo Magazine
  • CNET News
  • CBS News Online
  • National Catholic Register
  • The Washington Times
  • Washington Post magazine
  • The Associated Press
  • USA Today
  • The Daily Mail

Speaking Engagements & Events
The following includes a partial list of EIE and Internet Safety 101SM presentations given in 2010 to-date (EIE has reached over 1,700 parents, educators and advocates in 2010 so far):

  • Virginia PTA Leadership Training Conference (Richmond, VA).
  • AT&T Security Expo (Oakton, VA).
  • National Salvation Army Event (Alexandria, VA).
  • Virginia Beach Parent and Educator Training (Virginia Beach, VA).
  • Internet Safety 101SM Town Hall (Fairfax, VA).
  • LA Charter Schools: An EIE board member translated portions of Internet Safety 101SM in Spanish and presented the program to over 700 Spanish-speaking adults via the LA Charter Schools.
  • National Symposium on Child Abuse (Huntsville, Alabama).
  • National Internet Crimes Against Children Conference (Jacksonville, FL).
  • Capitol Hill Event: Pornography Harms and What Congress can do to Enforce Existing Laws (Washington, DC)
  • Virginia Community and Faith-Based Leader Training Conference (Richmond, VA) with the Virginia Interfaith Council, the Virginia Family Foundation and the Virginia Attorney General's Office.
  • Maryland PTA (Linthicum, MD): EIE addressed approximately 300 MD PTA members in their morning Membership meeting, announcing the partnership between the MD PTA and EIE.
  • Idea Camp (Las Vegas, NV): EIE addressed 200 faith-based leaders during an in-person presentation on protecting children from online pornography; portions of the presentation will be made available to Idea Camp's online audience later this year. EIE also led a small group through how Internet Safety 101® can be utilized in their communities to protect children from online harms.
  • Salvation Army National Women's Commission Internet Safety Training (Alexandria, VA).
  • Virginia PTA State Convention, Internet Safety 101® Training (Richmond, VA)
  • Parent & Faculty Internet Safety 101® Training at Trinity Christian School (Fairfax, VA).
  • Maryland PTA Fall Convention (Linthicum, MD): Internet Safety 101® Training and keynote to continue state-rollout of 101 program.
  • Internet Safety 101® Training for parents and educators with the Maryland Coalition Against Pornography (Wheaton, MD).
  • National Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention (New Orleans, LA): EIE led child advocacy representatives through Internet Safety 101®.

Internet Safety 101® parent training, St. Guerin Catholic High School (Hamilton County, IN).
EIE is making plans to launch and roll-out statewide programs in Maryland and Utah in the fall and winter of 2010.


Enough Is Enough® continues to work closely with the technology community to develop and implement new viable solutions to diminish the threat of illegal pornography, sexual predators, cyberbullying and other Internet threats on the Internet, including:
Google safe search settings and locks;
Google Family Safety Center;
Google's Internet Safety Summit;
Microsoft's launch of 'Bing' & 'Bing's' safe search features;
AT&T's launch of Smart Controls;
AOL's safe search; and,
Safe Communications product .


U.S. Attorneys General

  • Virginia: EIE continued to work with Attorney General as a continuation of efforts that began under now Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's Youth Internet Safety Task Force.
  • Florida, Utah, Texas, South Carolina and Maryland: EIE continues to outreach to each Attorneys General regarding partnerships and opportunities to train their staff with Internet Safety 101SM and to provide Internet Safety 101® information to parents and educators in their states.

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces:*

  • EIE continued its ongoing relationship with regional ICAC's, and also participated in the national ICAC Conference; EIE President Donna Rice Hughes trained local law enforcement investigators, forensic experts and prosecutors.

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS):

  • EIE staff briefed the COPS office of DOJ about the Internet Safety 101SM Program; EIE is also pursuing a grant which would distribute the program to law enforcement nationally, as well as another grant to create a first-ever online portal for distance learning curriculum utilizing the 101 program resources. EIE will be continuing to pursue promotional opportunities available via the COPS office. EIE also has developed a relationship with Fox Valley, which provides technical training via the web to law enforcement.
  • EIE continued to pursue partnerships with the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.

Capitol Hill Event: Pornography Harms and What Congress can do to Enforce Existing Laws (Washington, DC):

  • EIE President Donna Rice Hughes presented key information on the harms of pornography to children and excerpts from the 101 program in the event which also included testimony from: leading voice on sex trafficking, Laura Lederer (Global Centurion); Dr. Mary Anne Layden of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program at the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania; Forensic pediatrician Sharon Cooper, MD, of the University of North Carolina; internationally acclaimed author and speaker Gail Dines, Ph.D.; Former porn star, Shelley Lubben; and, Pat Trueman, former chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice to educate congressional members and staff about pornography's impact on children.