No Child Left Unprotected

Through your support this year, EIE has made a lasting significance in the lives of children across the country. EIE continued to employ a three-pronged, preventative approach, by: (1) raising public awareness and educating the public on Internet safety; (2) advising and encouraging the technology industry to implement viable technology solutions and family-friendly corporate policies; and (3) promoting legal solutions by calling for aggressive enforcement of existing laws and enactment of new laws to stop the exploitation and victimization of our children online.


Internet Safety 101® Program

The Internet Safety 101® Program educates, equips and empowers parents, educators and other adults to protect the children under their care from Internet threats. The widely acclaimed teaching series paints a comprehensive picture of online dangers and safety solutions. Firsthand accounts from law enforcement officers, clinicians, victims, parents, kids, industry leaders and even a convicted sex offender are woven into this four-part DVD series, workbook and accompanying material, led by renowned Internet safety expert and EIE President, Donna Rice Hughes.

  • EIE completed the pilot rollout of the Internet Safety 101® program in Virginia: In partnership with the Virginia PTA and the Verizon Foundation, EIE held regional Internet Safety Town Halls and touched the lives and hearts of over 5,000 parents, educators and other caring adults in the state. The Program demonstrated a 95% success rate among parents and educators.
  • EIE continued efforts with the Virginia Parent Teacher Association Internet Safety Task Force to train educators and PTA chapters with Internet Safety 101® resources. Virginia PTA trainers led regional Internet safety meetings for their members and also expanded the resource's reach through grassroots efforts with other community associations.
  • EIE partnered with the Virginia Attorney General to distribute the Internet Safety 101® Program to churches, synagogues and mosques through the grassroots networks of the Virginia Interfaith Council and the Virginia Family Foundation. Over 1,000 adults in these faith-based communities will receive materials. EIE will be working with leaders in the faith-based community to host trainings to extend the network of adults trained to facilitate Internet Safety 101® events.
  • Developed expanded 101 Program resources, including: the Internet Safety 101® Rules 'N Tools Booklet; the Internet Safety 101® Facilitator's Edition; an Internet Safety 101® Facilitator's Guide; an updated Internet Safety 101® Workbook and Resource Guide; and a 2.0 version of the Internet Safety 101® DVD teaching series.
  • Launched the Internet Safety 101® Website, www.internetsafety101.org. This education-focused website complements use of the Internet Safety 101® Curriculum and includes information on pornography, sexual predators, online gaming, cyberbullying, social networking, sexting, and other Internet platforms and threats.
  • EIE worked with the Georgia Advocacy Centers, which conducted Internet Safety 101® teachings for targeted communities in Georgia.
  • EIE formed partnerships with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and the National District Attorneys Association to expand the reach of the Internet Safety 101® Program in law enforcement communities.
  • Enough Is Enough® in partnership with Bonnemaison Inc. received the Silver Davey Award in the educational film category for the four-part Internet Safety 101® film series.
  • EIE continues to work with partners, sponsors and affiliation networks throughout the country to further develop and prepare for the larger, national launch of the Internet Safety 101® Program in January 2010.

Internet Safety 101® Program Sponsors

The following sponsors provided critical funds and/or in-kind gifts to support of the Internet Safety 101® Program: AOL, Anschutz Foundation, AT&T, Fieldstead & Company, Cardinal Bank, Google, MDRT Foundation, McNichols Foundation, Microsoft, MySpace, NetNanny, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), Salvation Army, Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation, Verizon, SMobile, and the Wiebe Foundation.

Internet Safety 101® Program Partners & Other Supporting Organizations

EIE has both formal and informal arrangements with the following program partners: Ad Council, American Association of Christian Counselors, Atlantic Media, Bonnemaison Inc., Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use, Christian Broadcast Network, Clear Channel, Coker Logistics Solutions, CR-18 Child Exploitation Squad (FBI), Darkness 2 Light, e-Copernicus, Get Net Wise, House of Hope (Orlando), iKeepSafe, Klarquist Sparkman LLP, Lighted Candle Society, McLean Bible Church, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, National District Attorneys Association, NetSmartz411, Office of the Virginia Attorney General, Progress and Freedom Foundation, Sheriff Mike Brown (Bedford County, VA ICAC), Tech Mission, The Salvation Army, U.S. District Attorney's Office for Western PA, WAVA Radio, Web Wise Kids, WMAL Radio.

Media and Public Relations

*In response to local and national media requests and inquiries, EIE President Donna Rice Hughes and EIE spokesperson Cris Clapp Logan regularly provide interviews and commentary on various issues and events related to the topic of Internet safety and the dangers that unprotected youth encounter online. The following is a partial list of interviews and commentary provided in 2009:*

  • The Today Show
  • Fox & Friends
  • Fox News Online
  • The Examiner
  • Prime Time America
  • WTTG, Fox 5
  • Family News in Focus
  • Citizenlink
  • WMAL Radio
  • Virginia Capitol Connections Magazine
  • Latina Style
  • Salvo Magazine
  • CNET News
  • Time.com
  • The Mark Larson Show
  • News Radio 680 WCBM
  • CBS News Online
  • Cyber Media, Computer Technology News, India
  • Government Video Magazine
  • National Catholic Register
  • OneNewsNow
  • Certification Magazine
  • CNS News
  • The Washington Times
  • AM900, CHML Morning News
  • Worldview Radio
  • Fox News Radio
  • Point of View Radio
  • The Richmond Times-Dispatch
  • NBC 12 News, Richmond
  • ABC 3 News
  • WTOP, 103.5FM News Talk
  • The Associated Press

Speaking Engagements & Events

To educate and equip parents, guardians and community leaders to protect their children from Internet pornography, sexual predators and other dangers, EIE continued to provide Internet safety presentations and seminars to interested groups and organizations (religious, secular, public and private) throughout America. The following includes a snapshot of EIE and Internet Safety 101® presentations given during the most recent reporting period in 2009:

  • Virginia PTA Leadership Training Conference (Richmond, VA): EIE joined Internet Safety 101® Program Partner Virginia PTA to educate members about online threats and use of the Internet Safety 101® Program.
  • AT&T Security Expo (Oakton, VA): EIE President Donna Rice Hughes was the keynote speaker AT&T's security expo and educated AT&T members with Internet Safety 101® Program information.
  • Congressional Safe Computing Town Hall (Washington, DC): EIE joined other Internet safety organizations to educate Congressional staff about the Internet Safety 101® Program and opportunities to incorporate the Program in member districts.
  • FOSI Online on Wednesday Panel (Washington, DC): EIE President Donna Rice Hughes discussed protecting reputations online, sexting in cyberspace and implications of current legal implications of sexting and child pornography laws.
  • Utah Coalition Against Pornography Annual Conference (Sandy, Utah): EIE President Donna Rice Hughes joined Utah's Attorney General, Governor and other leaders, to provided the keynote for the conference, which focused on protecting children from pornography and other harmful materials and featured.
  • Internet Safety Panel (Chesapeake, VA): Cris Clapp Logan of EIE joined clinicians, law enforcement and are educators to present Internet Safety 101® and discuss online safety for high-risk youth.
  • Michigan House of Hope Internet Safety Night (Traverse City, MI): EIE President Donna Rice Hughes provided community leaders and House of Hope members with an Internet Safety 101® teaching.
  • Parke County School Training (Rockville, IN): EIE trained parents and staff members of Parke County School Districts in a two-part series to protect children from online threats in the home and at school.
  • Loudoun County Parent and Educator Training (Loudoun, VA): Cris Clapp Logan of Enough Is Enough® trained parents and educators in a presentation, "How to be Net-Savvy Cyber Parent".
  • McLean Presbyterian (McLean, VA): Enough Is Enough® President Donna Rice Hughes gave the keynote address at the McLean Presbyterian Women's Ministry Breakfast, highlighting areas of sexual brokenness and the harmful impact of pornography on children and families. Mrs. Hughes also led an Internet Safety 101® seminar for the group.
  • DC Group (Washington, D.C.): EIE President Donna Rice Hughes presented the Internet Safety 101® Program to pro-family leaders of national organizations and ministries.
  • National Salvation Army Event (Alexandria, VA): EIE President Donna Rice Hughes provided a key Internet Safety 101® training to the National Social Services Secretary and other Salvation Army leaders focused on protecting children and educating staff to protect children online.
  • Idea Camp (Arlington, VA): Cris Clapp Logan of Enough Is Enough® discussed ways to educate and motivate adults to protect children from online exploitation in this collaborative event.

Outreach & Communications

EIE continues to explore creative and innovative methods to reach parents and empower them to take action to protect their children online.

  • Produced monthly "For the Sake of the Children" e-mail blasts to communicate Internet safety information to web user community.
  • EIE continually updates and maintains its two inter-connected websites, www.enough.org & www.protectkids.com, which serve as a reliable source to public, media and the government on Internet safety information.
  • Developed and launched InternetSafety101.org
  • Launched "EIETweets", Enough Is Enough®'s twitter campaign
  • Launched the Enough Is Enough® Page and Internet Safety 101® Cause presences on Facebook


Enough Is Enough® continues to work closely with the technology community to develop and implement new viable solutions to diminish the threat of illegal pornography, sexual predators, cyberbullying and other Internet threats on the Internet.

  • Entered into a partnership agreement with SMobile and Content Watch, the first providers of parental control technologies for portable Internet-enabled devices. We will work to expand awareness and penetration of these important tools to the industry and concerned parents.
  • Provided advice to social networking sites, corporations, mobile providers, and others in the industry regarding Internet safety and other issued including industry best practices, safe search options, filtering, usability, reporting including Google and Microsoft. Enough Is Enough® encouraged both corporations to utilize a parental lock technology to secure the safe search option.
  • Updated Internet industry leaders on Internet safety Rules 'N Tools to help them protect their customers.
  • Reported unwanted content, explicit sites, violations of use policies, and Internet danger concerns to ISPs and social networking sites.
  • Participated in the GetNetWise Microsoft Safety Briefing (Redmond, WA).


EIE continued to promote legal solutions to protect children and families from Internet dangers through work with government leaders at the state and national level.

U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives

  • EIE worked with Congress to educate members on complementary, quality Internet safety organizations and programs by providing advice regarding legislation to offer increased funding for competitive grants for Internet safety.
  • EIE continued to advise House and Senate members on new developments in technology, the Internet industry, teen online culture, and Internet dangers to better support congressional press, legislative, and constituent-focused projects.
  • EIE secured bi-partisan congressional funding for 2010 to launch the 101 program in Maryland in partnership with the Maryland PTA and Maryland Verizon Foundation and in Utah in partnership with the Governor and Attorney General's offices and industry, non-profit and faith-based partners.
  • Signed onto joint letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, encouraging greater enforcement of obscenity laws.

Virginia Attorney General

EIE continued to work with Attorney General Bill Mims, as a continuation of efforts that began under now Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's Youth Internet Safety Task Force. EIE formed a partnership with the General's office to provide over 1,000 Internet Safety 101® Workbooks and DVDs to faith-based leaders associated with the Virginia Family Foundation and the Virginia Interfaith Council. EIE President Donna Rice Hughes spoke at the Attorney General's press event in Richmond to announce the partnership.

Enough Is Enough®'s New Team

EIE expanded its team, hiring:

  • Lillian Schoeppler, Executive Assistant to the President & Office Manager
  • Byron Bartlett, Strategic Partnership Coordinator/Marketing Manager
  • J. Robert Flores, Special Advisor to the President