Public Education

Continuous, evolving and widely distributed public education is a critical element of protecting children on line.

EIE is one of the only organizations focusing intense attention on educating parents on internet child safety.

Too many parents and care givers grossly underestimate the dangers which lurk online for children, leaving many innocent children exposed to the coercive tricks employed by sexual predators and smut peddlers. Parental education is the first step to empowerment throughout America's households.

Enough Is Enough® was the first organization to propose Safety Rules through it's "Rules 'N Tools" method.

EIE's Safety Rules 'N Tools actively engages parents and care givers, creating the first line of defense against online sexual predators and pornographers targeting children.

All caregivers of children - including parents, teachers, and librarians - need to be part of the solution. For most kids, their primary access to the Internet is in school and libraries.