January 27, 2015

OneNewsNow.Com-"Campaign to filter porn from Wi-Fi networks gains headway"-By Charlie Butts

Last fall, Enough is Enough launched the national Porn Free Wi-Fi campaign to convince the two companies to voluntarily remove pornography and child porn from their Wi-Fi services. Donna Rice Hughes, who heads Enough is Enough, says the campaign has drawn a lot of support.

Hughes, Donna Rice (Enough is Enough)“As of December of this past year, right around Christmas time, we hit 25,000 online petition signatures,” she tells OneNewsNow. “The petition urges both of these companies to extend their friendly Wi-Fi policies - which they have already been implementing in the United Kingdom and in Australia - to the United States.”

The question arises as to whether there have been many instances of people accessing porn in view of other customers in the stores. Read the article here.