The Enough Is Enough® mission is to Make the Internet Safer for Children and Families. Click here to read mission statement.

2015 Key Initiatives:

  1. Project Wilberforce: To end the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of children and adults and restore a culture of dignity and respect. The following campaigns are part of "Project Wilberforce": Click here to learn more about Project Wilberforce
    1. The National P*rn Free WiFiTM Campaign ( The campaign urges McDonald's and Starbucks and Corporate America to filter child p*rnography and hard-core p*rnography on their public WiFi services. Click here to sign petition. Click here for the latest News on the campaign.
    2. Public Health Pornography Pandemic Campaign: to raise awareness of the social costs of extreme p*rnography, a rapidly growing public health pandemic. Our goal is to create a movement and a cultural shift in attitudes about obscene pornography to curb its damaging impact on children, adults and the culture. "The Internet Pornography Pandemic: The Largest Unregulated Social Experiment in Human History." for the 2014 Christian Apologetics Journal. Click here to read the article.
  2. Industry Initiatives: EIE works in close partnerships with Internet industry giants to improve upon corporate best practices, policies, safety features and public education efforts.
  3. Emmy & Telly Award-winning Internet Safety 101 Program Initiatives: Educate, equip and empower parents and caring adults to protect children from online dangers. We continue to promote the wide spread distribution of the 101 multi-media Program available in the U.S. and abroad. (available also in Spanish) To learn more or order the program click here
  4. Public Awareness and Education: EIE historically reaches between 35-50 million households annually through earned media and remains the 'go to' Internet safety expert for national media outlets. Click here to stay informed.
  5. Public Policy and Law Enforcement Efforts: Promoting legal solutions that call for aggressive enforcement of existing laws and enactment of new laws to prevent the online exploitation of children.