EIE’s pioneering efforts to prevent the Internet-enabled exploitation of children began an ongoing movement in 1994 which continues to this day.

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National Porn Free WiFi Campaign

“… the campaign called on two of America’s favorite franchises to install Internet filters so that their untold millions of customers will no longer be able to access or circulate child and adult pornography through the Internet connections they offer.”  OneNewsNow.com

EIE birthed the culture-changing campaign in October 2014, urging the CEOs of McDonald’s and Starbucks to lead corporate America to voluntarily offer safe WiFi in cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, theme parks and other public venues in the United States. Both corporations already proactively filter pornography and child pornography on their Wi-Fi services in the United Kingdom.  To date, EIE has over 50,000 online petition signatures from concerned citizens and over 75 leading organizations comprising our National Porn Free WiFi Coalition.


“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” William Wilberforce

The Project WilberforceTM campaigns were designed to end the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of children and adults and restore a culture of dignity and respect. Each of these campaigns are making great strides in raising awareness of the social costs of Internet pornography as a fueling factor in the sexual exploitation of children, violence against women, pornography addiction, the breakdown of marriage, sexual predation and sex trafficking.  The following campaigns are part of "Project Wilberforce™":

Public Policy and Law Enforcement Efforts: 

“Donna is a strong and effective advocate for children’s online safety.”  John Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney General (2001-2005)

EIE is committed to hold law enforcement and government accountable to aggressively enforce our existing laws designed to protect kids from pornography, child pornography, sexual predators and traffickers. We are introducing “The 2016 Presidential Pledge” in partnership with our partnering organizations before the primaries.  The Pledge will ask each Presidential candidate to commit to aggressively enforce and fund the existing laws designed to prevent the exploitation of children online.

“The Internet Safety 101SM program is a tailored-made response to the Internet child safety crisis facing our state and the nation.” President, Virginia PTA

The proven-evidenced based curriculum, created in partnership with the Department of Justice, is the only multi-media adult-focused program designed to prevent Internet-initiated crimes against children through educating, equipping and empowering parents and caregivers to protect children from online pornography, sexual predators and cyberbullies, as well as social media, online gaming and mobile dangers.

Funding will support the digital conversion of the entire curriculum (DVD series, workbook & resource guide, Rules N’ Tools booklet)  and its expanded distribution to additional Comcast VOD (English and Spanish).

  • Public Awareness and Education: “Donna continues to fight for the cause…” Barbara Walters

EIE historically reaches between 35-50 million households annually through earned media and remains  the ‘go to’ Internet safety expert for national media outlets such as The Today Show,  CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press and many others. Funding will ensure the continuation of EIE’s extensive public awareness efforts and support the necessary upgrade and redesign of EIE’s websites for greater interactivity, easier navigation, expanded social media efforts and long-term sustainability. A lecture given by Donna Rice Hughes at the 2014 Christian Apologetics Conference is currently running on Dish Network, distributed by the NRB Network.

Additionally, Enough Is Enough® is pleased to partner with Mary Katherine Fechtel, Miss Florida 2015. Mary Katherine's community service platform is "A Safety Net: Protecting our Youth from Online Predators". She will be speaking on this topic as well as other Internet safety issues throughout her reign. MK was a finalist for the 2016 Miss America title.  Please visit her website, www.asafetynetforyouth.com

  • The Public Health Pornography Pandemic Campaign:

“Donna is one of the leaders in the fight against pornography aimed at children on the Internet.” Oprah Winfrey

The campaign continues to fuel the growing movement to shed light on the social costs and corroding influence of Internet pornography as a public health epidemic, backed by peer-reviewed social and medical science. Our goal to create a cultural shift in attitudes about obscene Internet pornography in order to curb its damaging impact on children, adults and the culture.  EIE is working with a broad coalition of medical and public health professionals to achieve these goals. 

Since 2016, 4 states have passed resolutions declaring pornography a public health crisis, including Utah, South Dakota, Arkansas and Tennessee, with several other state set to follow suit.

EIE’s President, Donna Rice Hughes Article, “The Internet Pornography Pandemic: ‘The Largest Unregulated Social Experiment in Human History’” for The Southern Evangelical Seminary’s 2014 Christian Apologetics Journal has become the “go to” reference source for updated peer-reviewed studies and research on the issue and also provides a roadmap for solutions. “… a superb job of marshalling the extremely disturbing evidence of the massive harm being done to our fellow citizens, especially children, by hard-core pornography.”  Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary

  • Industry Initiatives

“By continuing to speak out and partner with the rest of the Internet community, Donna is helping all of us to build a medium we can be proud of.”  Steve Case, former Chairman, American Online

EIE works in partnership with Internet industry giants toimprove upon corporate best practices, policies and safety technology.

“Jesus mission on earth was to see God’s power, love, and healing permeate every aspect of this broken world and our broken lives.” : Francis Chan

A proposed pilot program in partnership with McLean Bible Church (Washington DC Beltway Region, VA, MD, DC) will serve as a model church program for religious organizations nationwide.  The vision is to implement a holistic strategy promoting healthy sexuality and genuine intimacy and to prevent sexual exploitation of children, women and men by incorporating prevention education, healing/recovery programs and victims assistance.

About Enough Is Enough® Mission: Founded in 1992, (EIE) is a 501(c)3 national, non-partisan non-profit with a mission to make the Internet safer for children and families by advancing solutions that promote equality, fairness and respect for human dignity with shared responsibility between the public, technology and the law. We stand for freedom of speech as defined by the Constitution of the United States; for a culture where all people are respected and valued; for a childhood with a protected period of innocence; for healthy sexuality; and for a society free from sexual exploitation.

In 2014, EIE became a 100% donor-supported organization as the bi-partisan Congressional funds, which have historically provided the primary funding for our critical work are no longer available.  We responded to this challenge by significantly streamlining our organization, reducing our annual budget and our staff and becoming a virtual organization.