Since 1994, Enough Is Enough®® (EIE) has aggressively pressed forward in the battle to prevent the sexual exploitation of children from Internet pornography and sexual predators. Like William Wilberforce, we have the ability to create a better world, a "beloved" community in which all people are respected with the dignity of which Jesus of Nazareth spoke. The two main life goals of Wilberforce were to abolish slavery and to restore manners and decency in England. It took Wilberforce and his band of friends, The Clapham circle, a lifetime to bring about such grand and revolutionary social change as well as the abolition of lesser social ills such as child labor.

Noble and worthwhile causes such as these indeed often take a lifetime, as well as a strong network of devoted individuals and groups. I have chosen the name "Project Wilberforce" to remind us that such daunting social change as making the Internet safer for children and families and winning the war against pornography is indeed possible. Just like the two-pronged Wilberforce model, fighting against a social evil (slavery) and promoting a social good (manners), our model is similar and is reflected in EIE's Mission. The two-pronged social ill is pornography and its related "porneia" issues including child pornography, sexual predation, pedophilia, sex trafficking, and the overall sex industry. The social good is promoting a culture where all people are respected and valued; for a childhood with a protected age of innocence; for healthy sexuality; and, for a society free from sexual exploitation, particularly in the digital arena.      READ MORE