EIE’s Safe WiFiSM campaign calls on corporate America to voluntarily filter porn and child sex abuse images on its public WiFi so that children, youth, families and adults can be provided a safer, more friendly WiFi environment. With corporate giants such as McDonald's and Starbucks taking the lead, the Safe WiFiSM campaign is now being advanced to businesses of all sizes and industries in hopes they too will initiate this important step in displaying corporate responsibility, including the travel industry, hotels, airlines, universities and churches, among others

Safe WiFiSM at Hotels and Lodging:

The Business Case for Safe WiFiSM

Updating digital policies and voluntarily filtering pornography and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on public WiFi will help to:

  • Prevent guests and staff from being exposed to sexually violent and exploitive pornography and CSAM when using your WiFi services;
  • Prevent children and teens from easily bypassing filters and other parental control tools set up by their parents when logging onto public WiFi;
  • Prevent sexual predators/traffickers from accessing CSAM and flying under the radar of law enforcement;
  • Avoid a potentially hostile and toxic environment, including sexual harassment, for hotel employees and guests;
  • Establish your hotel as a leader in the hospitality industry to ensure the safety of its guests, staff and others;
  • Align digital policies with corporate policies and industry best practices; and
  • Reinforce your hard-earned, family-friendly brand.

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See Sample Letter to Hotel CEO 

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The 'Friendly WiFi' symbol is available to any business providing public WiFi, who are committed to supporting the need for safeguarding online content. The 'Friendly WiFi' symbol is displayed by each business signed up to the Friendly WiFi scheme and appears either on their landing page as you sign into their public WiFi, or is visible on signage within the venue.

Wherever this symbol is displayed on site or online, parents and young people can be assured that the business's displaying the symbol have the correct filters in place and their public WiFi service is safe to use.