May 4, 2011

ACT NOW: New Call-in Number to Tell AG Holder ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Today is the last day to act in this week's campaign to let Attorney General Holder know you want illegal adult pornography, known under the law as obscenity, prosecuted!  The toll-free call line to make calls to the Department of Justice that we circulated on Monday has been shut down, but we are not deterred!  We have a new call-in number you can use today to make your voice heard!

Please take 2 minutes today to:
Tell that Attorney General pornography harms children, families and individuals.
 Explain that you're disappointed that they have stopped all investigations and prosecutions of illegal adult pornography.
Demand that the Department of Justice vigorously start prosecuting illegal adult pornography.
Call 1-877-354-2951
Call Now!

Join us today as we cry out "Enough Is Enough®!"  It's time to fight back against the explosion of hardcore content.
Thank you for your efforts!