March 24, 2011

EIE Releases Predator 101 Videos on YouTube & Partners with 'Trust', Directed by David Schwimmer

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Since 1994, Enough Is Enough® has been one of the nation's leaders in efforts to combat Internet-initiated child sexual abuse, partnering with the public, the legal community and the technology industry to advance online protections for children and family.  Although we have made many strides towards ensuring that the Internet is a safe, educational and rewarding world for our children, significant dangers remain, and parents must be the first line of defense.  


As part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the dangers children face online, we have two exciting announcements focused on protecting children from Internet-initiated crime. 


Enough Is Enough® Partners with "Trust"


Enough Is Enough® will be serving as the key Internet safety partner on the film "Trust", Directed by David Schwimmer (formerly the star of hit sitcom Friends). This powerful movie chronicles the story of Annie (Liana Liebrato) as she forms an online relationship with Charlie, whom she initially believes to be a sixteen-year-old boy, and her parents' (Academy Award® nominees Clive Owen and Catherine Keener) nightmare discovery that their daughter was victimized by an Internet predator.   


This eye-opening film painfully details the grooming process we see so often in Internet-initiated child sexual abuse, a process whereby an online predator forms an intimate, trusting relationship with a youth in hopes of establishing an offline, sexual encounter.  The film highlights the horrifying reality that teens often meet up multiple times with their perpetrators and often describe their relationship with these individuals as "romantic".  As Trust's key Internet safety partner, EIE is participating in an advanced screening of the film tonight in the DC-metro area, and EIE President Donna Rice Hughes will be serving on a panel with Director David Schwimmer and online safety expert and Founder of SSP Blue, Hemanshu Nigam.  You can find out more about this event online and RSVP to attend the screening at   


Trust theatrically presents the problem of online predators, and EIE will be providing viewing audiences with key resources and information regarding prevention and protection.  As a trusted voice for parents and educators across the country, EIE will be educating, equipping and empowering parents with the warning signs, rules of engagement and Internet Safety 101SM Rules 'N Tools parents must utilize across all Internet-enabled devices to protect their children from online predators and other threats.  Note that "Trust" is rated R and includes mature content, brief nudity and language that may not be suitable for younger audiences.  You can view the trailerHERE.


Enough Is Enough® Launches Predator 101 Video Vignettes on You Tube


Today, EIE is launching five exclusive video vignettes from its award-winning Internet Safety 101SM multi-media teaching series.  The Internet Safety 101SM program was designed to educate, equip and empower parents, educators and other caring adults with the knowledge and resources to protect the children under their care from dangers including Internet pornography, sexual predators, cyberbullying and risks associated with social networking, online gaming, and mobile devices.   


The Predator 101 Video Vignettes feature compelling testimonies and advice from top law enforcement personnel, parents, technology experts, teens, a survivor of a sexual predator and even a convicted sex offender.  Remember to use Internet Safety 101SM Rules 'N Tools  across all Internet-enabled devices to protect your children from online predators and other online threats.  Click on the images, below, to watch these videos now, and do help us spread the word be sharing these videos today!



For the Sake of the Children,


Donna Rice Hughes

President, Enough Is Enough®   

EIE Launches "Predator 101" Videos on YouTube



The Profile of a Predator


Melissa Morrow 

Click on the image, above, to watch "The Profile of an Internet Predator" on YouTube. 


Predator Confessions 

John Doe

Click on the image above to watch "Predator Confessions" on YouTube, to learn about what fuels the desire in Internet Predators to act out sexually with a child.



The Grooming Process

Hemanshu Nigam 

Click on the image above to learn how predators seduce and groom their victims into having an offline sexual encounter. 



Youth Risky Behavior

Girls Interview

Click on the image above to learn about the risky behaviors some kids are engaging in, including talking with strangers, visiting explicit sites and creating youth-generated child pornography or sexts.



Alicia's Story

Alicia Kozakiewicz 

At the age of 13, Alicia Kozakiewicz was abducted by a sexual predator. Click on the image above to hear from Alicia, her mom and the District Attorney in charge of her rescue.