October 7, 2010

Today Show talks with EIE President about the Duke Sex-Rate Report that went viral


EIE President Donna Rice Hughes was featured today on the Today Show
October 7, 2010

Click on the image, above, to watch EIE President Donna Rice Hughes comment about how a Duke alum's 'Sex-Rate' report--meant only for close friends--went viral via the web.


Quick Tips for all Parents Watching This Segment

Parents are the first line of defense, and prevention starts in the home.  To help protect your kids as they grow up in the digital age, and to help prepare them to make responsible decisions when they enter college, we recommend that parents:
  1. Establish an ongoing dialogue with your kids
  2. Monitor your child's online activities
  3. Supervise all media posted and sent
  4. Teach kids how to act responsibly online, protect themselves and think before they post
  5. Establish a Youth Internet Safety Contract
  6. Utilize Internet Safety 101® Rules 'N Tools on ALL Internet-enabled devices