October 20, 2015

Donna on Comcast Newsmaker

Click here to see Donna's Interview on Comcast Newsmaker.
(it's only 4 minutes!)

Dear Friends,

I was recently interviewed as a featured guest on Comcast Newsmakers, hosted by Yolanda Vazquez.

In a brief 4 minutes, I highlighted EIE's many accomplishments over the past 22 years along with some of our current initiatives:

  • Leading the passage for key federal laws passed by Congress to protect children online from predators and p*rnography.
  • Producing the first and only Emmy & Telly award-winning Internet safety adult-focused curriculum (Internet Safety 101®) to empower parents, guardians, educators and law enforcement to prevent Internet-initiated exploitation of children. Now available on Xfinity On Demand in both English and Spanish.
  • Urging greater responsibility by corporate America to protect children online.
  • Spearheading the National P*rn Free WiFi Campaign encouraging Starbucks and McDonald's to lead corporate America to voluntarily filter child sex abuse images and p*rnography on WiFi in public places.
  • The 2016 Presidential Pledge asking each candidate to agree to aggressively enforce the existing federal laws to prevent the Internet-initiated sexual exploitation of children. (Planned for Fall 2015 in collaboration with our national partners.)
We need to raise $100,000 this fall to take full advantage of the unprecedented opportunities before us.

Will you partner with us with a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more? If you are able, will you please consider joining our President or CEO Circles? (click here for more details.)

I hope you are encouraged to know that we are making a great impact with our limited resources, stretching every dollar and being devoted stewards of the funds entrusted to us.

Thank you in advance.

For the Sake of the children,

Donna's Signature
Donna Rice Hughes