October 5, 2015

Donna Received Founder's Award From NCOSE


Donna Presented the Founder's Award 
from Pat Trueman of the 
National Center On Sexual Exploitation 
Dear Friends,

Recently, Donna was presented with the Founder's Award at the 2015 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit by our partner the National Center On Sexual Exploitation. 

From left to right: Pat Trueman,  Judith Reisman, 
Phil Buress, Donna Rice Hughes and Alan Sears.

In her remarks, she said, "Thanks everyone. This award is on behalf of all those who have been part of the team over our 24 year history and especially to Dee Jepsen, our first president who mentored me. I am humbled and honored to receive the Founder's Award along with Phil Buress, Judith Reisman and Alan Sears... true pioneers."