September 23, 2015

Please Learn From Our Tragedy- Jennifer


...Please Learn From Our Tragedy.
...Thank You For Saving Many Lives.

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your past support!

We continue to see firsthand the corruption of our society.The online exploitation of children and families is worsening at an alarming rate! However, some believe the task of fixing this is just too daunting; others are simply in denial as to the enormity of these issues we face as a society.   The dangers to children from online sexual predators, child p*rnography, p*rnography and trafficking are growing at exponential rates, yet many youth still go unprotected while others suffer in silence. The time is crucial; EIE needs your support now more than ever!

Just last week, I received a letter from Jennifer, a distraught mother, who shared the horrific story of her daughter, a college honor student, who quickly became a victim of human trafficking. She said,
"The persuasive, coercion, luring, grooming and human trafficking began with a deliberate and meticulous indoctrination into the world of p*rnography through an online video game... She is now coerced and bound by invisible chains... It is our desire to share our story... please learn from our tragedy, empower families and protect children..."
"...I have watched several of your videos... It was like watching our life played out in front of us. These videos are well done, I pray they reach many for the education and the eradication of p*rnography, Internet luring, grooming, coercion, human trafficking... Thank you for saving many lives."
Protecting children and families from these types of horrors is what EIE has been doing for 22 years, but we simply cannot continue without your support at this critical time. I am reaching out to you because of our serious funding shortfall this year, due to our recent transition to a 100% donor-supported organization. We have implemented a number of cost cutting measures including reducing my compensation as President & CEO to zero.
We have an immediate need to raise $100,000 by October 30th, to keep our programs moving forward and continue to make a positive impact to prevent tragedies like Jennifers' from happening.  In the past 5 months alone, we:
  • Granted Comcast a free license to air our Emmy award-winning Internet Safety 101® TV series on Xfinity VOD in both Spanish and English.
  • Expanded our National P*rn Free WiFi Campaign and sent 46,500 petitions to Starbucks and McDonalds urging them to filter child p*rn and p*rn on their public WiFi.
  • Started the National P*rn Free WiFi Coalition consisting of over 75 organizations representing millions of Americans.
  • Partnered with Miss Florida 2015 who chose Internet Safety and Protecting Youth from Online Predators as her platform issue. (MaryKatherine Fechtel competes for the Miss America title on September 13th.)
  • Continue to educate and empower the public about how to prevent the tragedies shared by Jennifer.
We have abundant opportunities to move forward in a powerful and impactful way, but we can't do it without adequate funding.  Additionally, funding will allow me to do more national media interviews to raise our visibility in the marketplace, and keep these critical issues front and center during this upcoming Presidential campaign year.
Here is a link to our 2015-16 High Impact Strategic Programs.
In response to the pleas of Jennifer and others, we will continue our fervent efforts to help save children from sexual victimization by sexual predators, p*rnographers and traffickers, and be a catalyst in helping to turn our country around.  
Here's how you can help. Will you partner with us with a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more? If you are able, please consider joining our President or CEO circles? 
Please support Enough Is Enough® now with your tax-deductible financial donation.
Although our moral landscape is in serious decline, make no mistake-EIE is making a HUGE difference and - like Wilberforce who eventually succeeded in abolishing slavery in the 18th Century England - we can create a better world through prevention, education and increased enforcement of our nation's laws.
For the sake of the children and families,
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Donna Rice Hughes
Enough Is Enough®
Making the Internet safer for children and families. 

P.S. If our friends like you will add the power of the purse to your verbal support, we can continue to make the kinds of culture-changing, life-saving impacts that our society so desperately needs. 
Thank you in advance for your support.