September 18, 2015

You Have To See Little Liam's Drawing


Liam's drawing of a predator contacting a kid on the Internet.


Dear Friends, 

We received the sweetest letter last week from Liam with a picture he drew of a predator contacting a kid on the Internet.
Liam said, he "would like to donate to your corporation in funding to help support the safety of children and there families."

Would you too send $20 like little Liam? 
If only 50% of the people who receive our email communications would just give $20, we would have the financial foundation to advance all of our Strategic Programs to prevent the Internet-initiated sexual exploitation and help keep children safe.
Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart. 

For the Sake of the children, 
Donna's Signature
"Donna continues to fight for the cause." Barbara Walters

Donna Rice Hughes
President & CEO, Enough Is Enough®

 Making the Internet safer for children & families.

P.S. Here is brief description of our key Strategic Programs that your generous tax-deductible gift will support .Will you match Liam's donation of only $20? Together, we can continue to make great strides!