March 31, 2015

National P*rn Free WiFi - In the News


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 In case you missed it, we've gotten some good media coverage on the National P*rn Free WiFi Campaign.

Citizenlink Radio, "Group Calls on McDonald's and Starbucks To Filter Wi-Fi"
By: Kim Trobee, March 23, 2015
Click here to listen. 

Breitart, "Groups Ask McDonald's and Starbucks to Block WiFi P*rn"
By: Austin Ruse, March 16, 2015

"Seventy-five groups and 46,000 ordinary citizens have asked McDonald's and Starbucks to begin blocking p*rnography from the free WiFi service each chain allows its customers to access." Read entire story here.

WND, "Not Lovin' It: McD's, Starbucks Pushed To Go P*rn-Free"
By: Leo Hohmann, March 18, 2015 
"The group, Enough is Enough, is asking the two corporate giants to provide the same Internet filtering at their U.S. stores that they offer in the United Kingdom, protecting customers and especially children from online p*rnography. Click here to read entire article. 


Biz Pac Review, "P*rn Free Wi-Fi: Push To Get Starbucks & McDonald's To Filter More Than Just Coffee Is Gaining Steam" 
By Donna Rice Hughes, March 18, 2015


"There is no doubt that the Internet has revolutionized our lives for the better.
 Digital technologies are evolving daily with new innovations, cool tools, toys and devices. Being connected is a way of life for most everyone over the age of 10. Older youth don't even differentiate between their online lives and their offline lives." To read the full article click here.
QSR Web, "Campaign urges Starbucks, McDonald's To Filter P*rnography From Public Wi-Fi"
March 18, 2015
"Enough Is Enough®, a pornography-free Wi-Fi campaign, delivered over 46,500 petition signatures to the CEOs of Starbucks and McDonald's, urging the companies to filter both child p*rnography and p*rnography on their public Wi-Fi services." Click here to read entire article.
Click to here to read more news about Enough Is Enough®.

For the sake of the children and families,

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