March 17, 2015

WND "Not lovin' it: McD's, Starbucks pushed to go porn-free" by Leo Hohmann

"The group, Enough is Enough, is asking the two corporate giants to provide the same Internet filtering at their U.S. stores that they offer in the United Kingdom, protecting customers and especially children from online pornography.

'It’s voluntary. This is not a mandate. But they already, both these companies, are doing it in the UK,' Donna Rice Hughes, EIE president, told WND. 'I actually pulled quotes from their websites in the UK basically promoting the fact that they’re giving parents peace of mind, and so the parents here deserve the same level of protection, not only in the UK but in the U.S, since these are both American-based companies.'

McDonald’s is also using family friendly Internet filters for its restaurants in Australia, Hughes said. 

Starbucksmeme-mediumrightsideHughes said her organization has assembled a coalition of 75 organizations and more than 46,500 petitions in support of the request. Among the organizations supporting the campaign are the American Family Association, the Salvation Army, the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family’s Citizens Link, Concerned Women for America and the National Coalition on Sexual Exploitation and the National Children’s Advocacy Center." Read full article here.