February 27, 2015

Russell Brand video "Has Porn Ruined my Chance of a Happy Marriage"?

Dear Friends,

Comedian/actor Russell Brand shared his own thoughts and struggles with Internet pornography in a recent posting entitled "50 Shades-Has Porn Ruined My Chance Of A Happy Marriage?" on his YouTube Channel, click here to watch the video. He shares openly, in typical Russell candor, about the many harmful effects of pornography including the objectification of women, the counterfeit to intimacy, and the cultures negative views towards sex.


Russell shares his concerns of how easily accessible pornography is when he says in these modern times there are "...icebergs of filth floating in through every house WiFi..."


With pornography being freely available he mentions how "... it must be dizzying and exciting but corrupting in a way that we can't even think about..."


Russell then quotes Dr. Jill C. Manning, Ph.D , Licensed Martial & Family Therapist, who is featured in our Internet Safety 101® program and also served as a member of EIE's Internet Safety Council, saying"...the upper limits of the impact of this amount of porn has yet to be fully realized."

 As you know, Enough Is Enough® was the first national organization to talk about the harmful effects of Internet pornography on children, women and men. We have been on the front lines since 1994. In case you missed it, I pulled together a research paper documenting the harmful impact of Internet pornography on today's youth. See "The Internet Pornography Pandemic: The Largest Unregulated Social Experiment In Human History."


As a battle scarred veteran in this war, I am so happy to see a well known public figure.. especially an entertainer of the caliber of Russell Brand talk openly and honestly about the negative impact of pornography.


I hope you will watch this video and share it...It's a good one to share with your teenage boys and girls too.


Let me know what you think by responding to this email.


Yours in the battle,

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