January 9, 2015

25,000 Signatures! - Sex Offender Arrested At Starbucks

 We Did It!  We just hit 25,000 Petition signatures and the online petition campaign is still growing!

Our campaign is growing, but so is the problem we are combating. Just this week, USA Today reported that police arrested a registered sex offender while he was allegedly downloading child pornography at a Hillsboro Starbucks in Oregon. He was jailed on two counts of encouraging child sex abuse. (complete story here)

We have started a movement energizing concerned Americans to urge McDonald's and Starbucks to lead the way for Corporate America to filter child p*rn and hard-core p*rnography on their free public WiFi services in their combined 25k stores in America. Both companies have led the way for friendly WiFi in  in the UK and Australia and its time they start protecting America's children and families too!

As I have told you, public WiFi hotspots are attracting child sex predators where both child p*rn and p*rnography can be accessed easily and anonymously.  Popular hangouts like Starbucks are increasingly being used to traffic child p*rn and the sexual solicitation of children. 

If you share our belief that corporate America must stand up and be part of the solution in combating this growing issue, rather than the problem, will you join the 25,000 concerned Americans that have already signed our P*rn Free WiFi online petition?  Remember, corporate giants like Panera Bread and Chick fil-A are already filtering their public WiFi!

To help us continue the national effort to bring friendly WiFi to the United States, I'm asking you to do two things today.  Please sign the petition and donate $25 to support the P*rn Free WiFi Campaign.


We need your help to take this  to the next level - to take the P*rn Free WiFi petition campaign directly to the CEO's and Board of Directors of both Starbucks and McDonald's. Your contribution of $25 will give us the resources that we will need in the next stage of this fight.

The battle wages on - and we have much more work to do. Will you donate $25 today? Your tax-deductible donation could literally be the fuel to stop the Internet-initiated child exploitation on public WiFi networks beginning with McDonald's and Starbucks.

We ALL must work together to protect children from Internet p*rnography, child p*rnography and sexual predators when logged into public WiFi services offered in cafes, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, airports and theme parks across the U.S.. 

Thank you, again, for joining us in this very important campaign to protect children in public places where free WiFi is offered. We will continue to combat this injustice of child sexual exploitation because of  YOUR support, in word and in deed. Thank you in advance.


Yours in the battle,

  Donna's Signature

Donna Rice Hughes

President & CEO, Enough Is Enough® 

Making the Internet safer for children and families. 

www.enough.org  www.internetsafety101.org and www.friendlywifi.org  


PS: We are thrilled that the national media has joined in on the  effort to raise awareness of the problem of free public WiFi access to child p*rn and hard-core p*rnography in family friendly establishments like Starbucks and McDonald's.  Check out recent P*rn Free WiFi's  press here.