February 20, 2010

Internet Safety 101®: New Online Safety Net


KWGN--The Deuce: There is a new tool online that’s breaking ground on a new way to combat Internet criminals, bullies and predators. It’s calledInternetSafety101.org. It’s the first and only multi-media Internet safety program to educated, empower and equip adults and kids on the dangers of all Internet enabled devices.

Internet safety expert, Donna Rice Hughes says she created this site because of the need for a comprehensive site covering all angles of Internet safety.

“It’s absolutely that kids use the Internet but they (also) use it safely and parents have got to be the first line of defense,” says Hughes.

This site was developed with the U.S. Department of Justice to bring together all the tools you need to educate yourself and your family.

“We wanted to get the message to parents that their kids are not immune. They need to understand what the dangers are,” she adds.

Hughes says InternetSafety101.org gives the rules and tools with video, workbooks and world-class online advice from safety experts.

“Kids are growing up online we want to encourage parents to become good cyber parents,” she says. “We try to help those parents really move into the digital age and to get on top of this so that their kids can be safe.”

internet safety.jpgThere are also a series of emotional real-life stories from the predators and the victims themselves. Alicia Kocakiewicz was like any other 13 year old kid who fell victim of a predator. She shares her heartbreaking story as a learning tool for kids.

“When I was 13 years old, I was groomed by an Internet predator and lured from my home. He abducted me to his home in Virginia where he held me captive for four days,” she says.

Alicia, now 21 has her own high definition video on the site so people can learn from her horrific experience.

“Every child, every person wants to feel unique and special and loved and important to somebody. That’s exactly what these predators do,” Kocakiewicz adds.

On New Years Day in 2002 Alicia was lured outside of her home and kidnapped in broad daylight.

“He was quite a twisted person. He had a dungeon in his basement. He treated me like an animal. I was sexually abused it was pretty horrific.”

After she was chained to the basement floor for 4 days, she was finally rescued by the FBI. The man who kidnapped her was send to prison for 19 years.

“That’s why I feel the need to do this because I feel I was rescued for a reason. In fact, maybe this happened for a reason that maybe I was the one who could send the message.

You can watch Alicia’s story as she tells in on the site along with 100 other videos and tutorials. InternetSafety101.org is partnered with the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, AOL, MySpace, Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, AT&T and the Salvation Army. 

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