December 19, 2014

Porn Free WiFi' campaign still working on McDonald's, Starbucks in US

Peter Kenny, Ecumenical News, December 19, 2014

"A public campaign that has nearly 25,000 supporters says it still trying to persuade McDonald's and Starbucks to install anti-pornography filters on their in-store free WiFi networks.

The "Porn Free WiFi" campaign, organized by the Internet safety group Enough is Enough (EIE), is urging the fast-food and coffee giants to implement Internet filters in their U.S. stores,

The campaign aims to stop customers from accessing or distributing child pornography and graphic adult pornography via their free Internet connections, said Baptist Press citing a report by Kiley Crossland for World News Service.

It said it is a new initiative to encourage corporate America to join the fight to prevent Internet-initiated sexual exploitation of children.

EIE said it has been on the frontlines of Internet safety for more than 20 years and this campaign is its latest effort to protect children online. 'Now is the time for corporate America to take a stand against Internet pornography and child pornography,' said Donna Rice Hughes, CEO of EIE."  Read more here