December 11, 2014

World Magazine - "McDonald’s, Starbucks resist calls to offer porn-free WiFi", by Kiley Crossland

 Despite nearly 25,000 supporters, a public campaign asking McDonald’s and Starbucks to install anti-pornography filters on their in-store free WiFi networks has so far been unsuccessful.

The “Porn Free WiFi” campaign, organized by the internet safety group Enough is Enough (EIE), is urging the fast-food and coffee giants to implement internet filters in their U.S. stores to stop customers from accessing or distributing child pornography and graphic adult pornography via their free internet connections.

EIE cites news stories chronicling instances of open WiFi hotspots becoming hideaways for criminals trafficking child pornography or sexually soliciting children. “The ‘Porn-free WiFi’ campaign is not just about protecting our children from viewing hard-core pornography using public hotspots—it’s also about limiting the safe-haven that open WiFi creates for sexual predators,” said Donna Rice Hughes, EIE’s CEO.

Hughes believes the campaign “strikes a nerve with Americans.” People expect corporations that project a family-friendly image to have family-friendly corporate polices, she said. And support for the “Porn Free WiFi” campaign is growing. In the last few weeks, three more partner organizations—Concerned Women for America, Morality in Media, and the National Homeschoolers Association—have joined EIE’s efforts. - read the full article here.