November 20, 2014

Counting our Blessings and our Successes- Thanks to You


Counting our Blessings and our Successes- Thanks to You

Dear Friend,


More exciting news!


We reached 20,000 petition signatures urging McDonald's and Starbucks to  filter child p*rn and p*rnography on their free WiFi services in the

first 45 days of the 60 day campaign.


Due to the strong momentum, we raised our goal from 10,000 to 25,000 petitions. We will send the results to the CEO's of both corporations asking them to do the right thing!

Please sign the P*rn Free WiFi petition if you haven't already.


Dozens of national media stories have covered our P*rn Free WiFi Campaign and helped us spread the word nationwide. We have been featured on CNN, CBN, The Washington Times, The National Review, TownHall and others.


During this Thanksgiving season, we are most thankful for the opportunity to serve the children and families of our great country and for friends like you who stand with us.


Now, more than ever in our 22 year history, we must rely solely on caring, results-driven friends like you that will invest in the protection of children, our country's greatest asset, and come alongside Enough Is Enough®® to leverage our outreach opportunities and targeted programs to prevent the Internet-enabled exploitation of children.  


This year, we transitioned to a 100% donor-supported organization as the bi-partisan, Congressionally-directed funds, historically used in our critical work are no longer available. We have we significantly streamlined our organization, reduced budget by over 50% and become a virtual organization. 


In spite of these setbacks, we continue to persevere and to count our blessings and the many successes which are the fruit of our labor. The opportunities before us are amazing. We are making great strides furthering our existing efforts and introducing exciting effective initiatives such the P*rn Free WiFi Campaign.


Your financial gift of any amount will reap a bountiful harvest to help safeguard children from Internet predators, pornography and cyberbullies.


At EIE, we do Alot with A Little. Your gift will go along way to help us protect more children and families in the digital age.


We wish you and your loved ones an abundant Thanksgiving.


We thank you for your friendship and your support.


   Donna's Signature 



Donna Rice Hughes

President & CEO

Enough Is Enough®

Making the Internet safer for children and families 

P.S.At EIE, we do Alot with A Little. Your gift will go along way to help us protect more children and families in the digital age. If you prefer to give by check, please make payable to Enough Is Enough® send to: PO Box 1530, Great Falls, VA 22066.  Thank you in advance.