November 11, 2014

Help Us Reach 25,000 Petition Signers


Help us reach 25,000 petition signers to remove p*rnography and child p*rn in over 25k combined Starbucks and McDonald's restaurants!
Thank you! We exceeded our Goal! Over 17,000 P*rn Free WiFi petitions!

Dear Friend,


Did you hear the news? We've exceeded our goal of 10,000 petition signatures in 60 days and are now moving onwardto 25,000 signatures! Because of YOU the momentum continues to build - and we're taking it to the next level! 


In just 30 days we've gathered over 17,000 petition signatures, but we still have 30 more days to get to 25,000...will you help us to get there? The more we get, the louder our voice will be heard by the executives at Starbucks and McDonald's.


Together, we can help turn the tide to get Corporate America, beginning with Starbucks and McDonald's to be part of the big picture solution to filter p*rnography and child p*rnography on free public WiFi hotspots. Both Starbucks and McDonald's are already filtering their free WiFi in the U.K. and Australia. This simple filtering solution implemented by these companies, whose restaurants total 25,000 locations across America will:


- Prevent children from being exposed to p*ornography and child p*rnography when using free public WiFi services.


-Prevent children and families from being confronted with sexual predators and pedophiles using public WiFi services to view child p*rn, which is a criminal offense.


-Prevent these same predators from flying under the radar of law enforcement anonymously by using free public WiFi services at places like McDonald's and Starbucks.

We need you to:
  1. Invite 25 of your friends and family to "LIKE" usonFacebook and follow us on  Twitter. We have some amazing graphics and statistics for social media... we have pasted some in the left margin for you to see. We need your help to spread them all over Facebook.


2. Forward this email to 5 of your friends and ask them to send it to 5 people -I sincerely believe we can build this into a viral campaign over time!


3. If you haven't already, sign the P*rn Free WiFi petition now. It's fast and easy. Please don't delay.


My friends, the battle is being won, the grassroots momentum is here and we're leading the way. Even the national media is reporting on the National P*rn Free WiFi campaign but it will take you to get us across the finish line. Will you join us? 


The click of a mouse can literally be the force to help us end Internet child sexual exploitation at public venues like McDonald's and Starbucks!



Yours in the Fight!

Donna's Signature 
Donna Rice Hughes

President & CEO

Enough Is Enough®

Making the Internet safer for children and families  

P.S. We are approaching the end of the year and would be so very grateful if you would include Enough Is Enough® in your end of the year giving.
A gift of any amount is critical to our continued efforts.  
Thank you in advance.