October 7, 2014

Washington Times, By Rebecca Hagelin – Enough is enough protect kids from porn

- - Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The challenge: Pornography pandemic

Pornography is everywhere. It’s an evil with far-reaching effects that damages many layers of society. But no one is hurt more by the overwhelming presence of pornography than children.

According to a study by the London School of Economics, nine out of 10 children who go online will view pornography. Even when kids are acting responsibly and innocently, adults in the pornography business are so fixated on creating new porn addicts that they have made it virtually impossible for children to escape their grasp.

Think about it: Ninety percent of all kids on the Internet will be subjected to the sexual images and values of perverted pornographers.

There should be a protected space in childhood where kids don’t have sex forced upon them — physically or mentally. Mere exposure to pornography inflicts a great deal of damage to developing attitudes, psyches and morality.

Donna Rice Hughes, CEO of Enough Is Enough®, a nonprofit determined to make the Internet safer for children and families, said: “For 20 years, children have been spoon-fed a steady diet of online pornography, with few laws or barriers of entry. Recent peer-reviewed research shows the extreme nature of Internet pornography is having a destructive impact on the mental, emotional and sexual health of adolescents, including addictive and even criminal behavior.” (You can learn more about Enough Is Enough® at www.InternetSafety101.org.) Read more.