September 4, 2014

Volunteer & Interns Needed

 Come join the team at Enough Is Enough®® (EIE),  a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) national non-profit organization with a mission to make the Internet safer for children and families through educating, equipping and empowering all caring adults with the knowledge and resources needed to prevent Internet-initiated crimes against children. The hours are flexible, and some opportunities can be completed remotely. Internships may be completed for high school and university credit. 


We are seeking volunteers of any age, as well as high school or college aged Interns for a variety of positions, click here for the list of Intern descriptions. We provide a wonderful opportunity for people to serve as well as gain a valuable experience and training in the work place. We are based in Northern Virginia. 
Here's what our 2014 Spring & Summer Interns had to say about their experience at Enough Is Enough®®:
Randi, age 17 "...Along with learning clerical and office management skills I was also exposed to a plethora of resources and information on Internet safety that I would have otherwise been ignorant of. As a result, I could educate myself and my family while I worked to help educate others. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with such lovely people and to be a part of such a worthy cause and I feel truly blessed for the chance to help others understand internet safety and protecting their kids online. To anyone trying to decide whether interning with EIE is worth it: know you will be entering a wonderful environment full of understanding, cooperative, and educated people and your time there will be well worth the difference EIE is making in the world."

Angeline, age 18"Through the use of my creative and online abilities, I was able to help promote an incredible and important cause. Enough Is Enough® works toward a safer online experience; it has been both enlightening and worthwhile to be involved in this ongoing crusade, and I intend to continue supporting it and spreading awareness."

Rachel, age 18"... 

Having studied in the UK at the University of Birmingham, entering my 3rd and final year studying Law, it's easy to see how such an incredible cause is necessary worldwide. The work I contributed to whilst a Summer Intern encompassed every part of the organization. Whether it was working on fundraising, attending meetings, or working on Google ads, I really feel that I got to understand and experience every aspect of the cause.

Thank you so much Enough Is Enough® for such an amazing opportunity!"


Sahith, age 15:  "To be able to protect children by educating them about the infinite dangers online is a priceless experience. It is very gratifying to know that I have made an impact on a child today that will shape his/her future for the better."

Become a EIE Intern!

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please call me at 703-476-7890 or via email at for more information.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer or intern at EIE; I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Always grateful,

Lillian Schoeppler

Office Manager & Executive Assistant to the President