July 30, 2014

Are your children and family safe?


Gary Hovland
Are your children and family safe?


Dear Friends, 


Are the children in your immediate and extended family enjoying a safe Internet experience? 


Do they have safeguards in place to protect them from unscrupulous pornographers? Clever predators? Cyberbullies? Identity thieves?


If not, then they may be vulnerable to these dangerous hijackers of Internet technology.


Will you give $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can today to help change this?


Remember, the Internet is not the enemy... The enemy are those who exploit the Internet, avoid law enforcement detection and prey on the innocence and vulnerability of children.


Gradeschool aged boys and girls are getting a steady dose of extreme hard core pornography because of unrestricted Internet access. The toll this is taking on their minds, emotions and bodies is incalculable. 


The pornography pandemic fuels so many other evils in our nation including sex trafficking, violence against women, child pornography and child sexual abuse. 


Adults are vulnerable too. In fact 56% of divorces claim Internet pornography is a major factor in the breakup of their marriage. 


EIE is the only Internet safety organization in America that has been working non stop for over 20 years to make the Internet safer for children and families. And we are the ONLY Internet safety organization that does not whitewash the dangers including the sad realities that:

  • Children have free and easy access to hard core and deviant prosecutable pornography;
  • Sexual predators use the Internet to trade children, traffic children, exploit children and abuse them
But we cannot do it without your financial support. And that is why I urge you to help us meet our goal this summer of $50,000.
Summertime is the most challenging fundraising season and we need your help so that we can continue to make the strides we do... For the sake of the children and your family. As a of 2014, we are now 100% privately funded which is why we need your financial support now more than ever in our history.


Below are some of our recent accomplishments that help ensure children and families have a SAFE and REWARDING Internet experience:

  • We have worked closely with Internet giants such as Google, AT&T, Microsoft, Sprint, Symantec and others to improve upon their best practices and corporate policies to protect children from dangers. We have seen major victories recently and over the years with each of these corporate giants. Plus EIE's resources are referenced by these Internet and mobile companies which helps get the safety resources we provide to millions of people worldwide.
  • We provide extensive education, resources, and tools to help Internet and mobile technology users understand how to safeguard their children and families on all Internet devices. You can click here to find out what tools are available through your ISP or mobile carrier. In fact, EIE is a one stop shop for resources and information to help families better protect themselves while using the incredible technology that is the Internet.
  • We are the GO TO Internet safety organization as a subject matter expert on all things Internet safety for media outlets such as The Today Show, CNN, CBS, Fox News and USA Today. You can check out some of our interviews here.
  • We are distributing the Emmy award winning Internet Safety 101SM® TV Series for free via PBS stations nationwide. Thus far... This program Educates, Equips and Empowers parents and guardians of children to protect them from all Internet dangers on every Internet enabled device used by their kids. Please sign our PBS petition campaign to get PBS stations to air the 101 Program this fall. 
All that we do is geared towards protecting children and families from online exploitation, in America and abroad. 
We need YOUR help NOW. Don't wait and delay. Please give what you can today.

We are so grateful for your support.


Warmest regards,

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Headshot Donna Rice Hughes Donna Rice Hughes 

President & CEO, Enough Is Enough®®    

Executive Producer & Host, Internet Safety 101SM® PBS TV Series