June 4, 2014

Tune in to the TODAY Show Thursday June 5 - 7AM-8AM EST

TODAY Show - Tune in tomorrow, Thursday, June 5 between 7AM-8AM and hear what Donna has to to say about the recent news story of the stabbing committed by two 12-year old girls in Waukesha, WI. Donna will share insight for parents on what they can do to protect their children. 

CBSNews.com-Crimesiders -In her remarks, Donna noted "if the girls' parents had been monitoring their kids' Internet use, the stabbing incident potentially could have been prevented." Donna also said, "'It's not enough to parent in the physical world. Kids are digital now,... "If parents had (used) a monitoring tool, they would have known that these kids were going to this site a lot. Anytime kids are going to a site over and over again, you (parents) want to know what that is (about),'" Read the article"Could a fictional Internet character drive kids to kill?"   

Donna also gave an interview to the Chicago Tribune about this story; once we get the link to the story we will share that with you as well.