May 22, 2014

"Warning to parents:Beware 'clever' pornographers."

"Warning to parents: Beware 'clever' pornographers."
Charlie Butts ( Thursday, May 22, 2014

"The child porn industry seems to be flourishing in spite of occasional mass arrests because dealers seem to stay one step ahead of authorities.

In New York this week, federal authorities announced a major arrest involving dozens of people involved in the industry. The Associated Press reports the five-week operation, which netted at least 70 men and women, targeted individuals who use computer file-sharing programs to exchange videos and photos.  

Donna Rice Hughes of Enough is Enough laments that despite such arrests, more purveyors of porn seem to jump into their place to make money off of child victims. One of her major concerns is that child porn is readily accessible.

'It's very easy for anyone to access child pornography and it has been actually for quite some time," she reports. "Child pornography is available on the web. It's also available and exchanged frequently on peer-to-peer networks' - as in the New York porn case.


Those arrested in New York include a police officer, a paramedic, a rabbi, and a Boy Scout leader. More arrests are possible as federal agents are still in the process of examining and cataloging evidence in the case."- Read the entire article here.