May 7, 2014

Donna Rice Hughes mentioned in the Guardian Liberty Voice article- Monica Lewinsky

Donna Rice Hughes was mentioned on May 7, 2014 in the Guardian Liberty Voice by Rick Hope's article about Monica Lewinsky, "Lewinsky May Be Showing Poor Timing in Telling Her Story".  Below are excerpts taken from the original article, to read the entire article click here


"...  Where is Rice now? She is now a  52 year-old stepmother, wife, and advocate for internet safety. She is now a 52-year-old stepmother, wife, and advocate for internet safety. After the scandal, Rice says she returned to her faith and basically stayed away from any media spotlight for about seven years.  She met and married Jack Hughes and began her new life. Eventually, she gained a leadership position for a non-profit organization called “Enough Is Enough®.” This organization has the mission of fighting against pornography and exposing such to children in both print and broadcast media."

"...Yes, much the same can be said for Donna Rice Hughes but Hughes chose a different path. She chose to put the  scandal behind her and get on with her life and by doing so she re-define herself. Hughes chose to let others know that her behavior in the past was just that, part of her past. It was not her present. It would not be her future. Because of that, people are listening to her." Read the entire article here